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No commercial building is impervious to mold. It’s a prevalent threat to any company because it can easily infest a building and requires professional commercial mold remediation in order to be eradicated. This is why your company should be vigilant in its pursuit to maintain a mold-free environment. Mold infestations happen quickly and silently, and they can cause significant damage to the well-being of your company.

Mold only needs one component in order to infest and expand within a commercial structure: moisture. Mold is a silent threat so long as there is any moisture in the building. While moisture does not guarantee the presence of mold, it fosters conditions that are conducive to mold and the damage that mold causes.

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In order to address mold infestations with the professionalism they deserve, your company should consult with a reliable commercial mold remediation company. At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we effectively handle your company’s mold situation so that you no longer have to worry about mold and the threat that it poses to your company. We will rid your company of mold and help you implement a prevention plan that will minimize the likelihood of the recurrence of mold.

At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we’ve earned the trust of countless companies through our effective mold remediation process and consistent reputation for successfully eradicating and preventing mold. We utilize the most innovative technology and the most strategic methods for every single location that we serve. The quality of our commercial mold remediation reflects the integrity of our company and the passion we have for eradicating mold.

While many mold removal companies promise to provide effective services, we have the evidence to prove it. The success of a commercial mold removal company’s effectiveness can be measured by the company’s mold abatement rate. Advanced Mold Diagnostics has the highest mold abatement rate that you will find: 98.4%. The evidence is clear: we take mold seriously and provide our clients with the most effective mold remediation services, every time.

If you are searching for a trustworthy, reputable company to successfully address your company’s mold problem, then your search is over. You will not find a company with a higher rate of success or greater level of professionalism.

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It’s common for many companies to have a cavalier attitude toward the presence of mold. In our day-to-day activities, we primarily become aware of mold when it appears on food that’s too old to consume, which we promptly throw in the trash and go on about our day. However, commercial mold infestations are never as benign as some spores on an old sandwich, and addressing a mold infestation is never as easy as tossing moldy bread in the trash.

Commercial mold infestations should never be underestimated. They can cause major complications with regard to structural integrity, company operations, air quality and the health of individuals.

  • Structural integrity: Mold slowly destroys everything that it comes into contact with and will continue to spread if left untreated. Mold makes time your enemy as it gradually spreads and continually degrades a building’s structure, progressively jeopardizing the integrity of the building.
  • Company operations: Mold can drastically hinder the efficiency of your company’s operations since it can cause damage to its building, pollute its air and compromise the health of employees and clients. Likewise, mold can degrade product quality and prevent businesses that heavily rely on water, such as dialysis centers, from utilizing their resources.
  • Air quality: Mold pollutes the air with irritants, allergens and potentially toxic chemicals. The more mold spreads over a surface, the more it can release harmful chemicals into your company’s air.
  • Personal health: The more a person is exposed to mold, the more likely they are to exhibit allergic symptoms and have negative reactions. Mold can cause allergic reactions, headaches, sneezing, red eyes, runny nose and skin rashes, and induce asthma attacks in individuals with asthma. Mold can also irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs of those who are not allergic to mold.
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Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say about us:

Thank you for your generous contribution to the HBA Dream Home project at the Golf Club Estates at Heritage Creek. Our Charitable Foundation took on this enormous project and with help from members such as you; it turned out to be a great success.

If we had not had your pre-closure inspection, a potential mold problem would have been sealed in and might have caused future trouble for the homeowners. Your thorough assessment combined with your quick response to cleaning and sealing the framing members made a great difference.

On behalf of the HBA of Bucks/Montgomery Counties, I would recommend your services to other builders interested in stopping small problems before they develop into serious concerns

Howard R Cooper - Executive Vice President

Thank you for all the help with our house! During a very frustrating situation you gave us priceless guidance to get cleaned up.

It was so discouraging to have such a mess on our hands and not know what to do! We appreciated your prompt and thorough evaluation. Your suggestions were right on target. You have an amazing understanding of mold and moisture problems—and Hunter is so cool!

We wanted to do everything right to protect our family and preserve our house but we couldn’t have done I right without you! If anyone else wants to know about our experience with your operation, just let us know.

Amy Freeze & Dr. Gary Arbuckle

I hope you’re doing well. It’s been six months now since you and Hunter did the mold inspection at my business and found where the problem was.

When your dog Hunter found where the mold was I really was surprised that it could be so nasty back there and we had no idea. It was amazing how quickly we started to feel better after we had it cleaned up, we now all feel like we’re living in a healthy environment. I haven’t heard my daughter wheezing, coughing or walking around here looking sickly since.

I wanted to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate your services and what an improvement our office is.

I’ll gladly pay for a box of treats for Hunter, just send me the bill.

Bart Arntz

Just wanted to thank you again for everything you and your company did to help with the recent near disaster at The National in Old City. We work with a lot of different subcontractors and your company is in a class by itself.

The emergency response you provided was amazing. Your crew was here almost before we hung up the phone, and they worked tirelessly until the job was completed including Saturday hours. The professionalism of your staff with the homeowners, HOA, insurance adjusters and others was exemplary. Even when the lawyers got involved, you were able to document and defend K. Hovnanian’s position to document the process and limit our liability. You made us look good and we thank you for that.

It is a relief to be able to call on such a company when we need help. Thank you for your hard work.

Rich Francis - HOSM, Hovnanian Home

Craig, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your entire staff at Advanced Mold Diagnostics again for the terrific job you did at the Level 3 Communications site in Norristown, PA. Although I selected your company from an Internet search, you and Deb both made me feel like a long-term, valued customer from the very first conversations that we had. In addition, you went above and beyond expectations by being flexible and understanding to our client’s needs with this project. You and your staff have been timely with appointments and documents, have always been available to answer questions and address concerns, and have been nothing but professional in all of your actions. The work at the site was completed quickly, and the site passed post-remediation testing for both the original service area and the additional change-order area.

I cannot recommend you enough to any individual, family, or company that is in need of Mold Remediation services or any other service that your company provides.

Thanks again for helping me complete a difficult project and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Matthew H. Elias - National Account Manager, US Maintenance

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