You probably know that something is going wrong in your home, but you may not be quite sure what it is.  You may have smelled something in the basement that wasn’t there before or noticed dark spots on the walls that don’t seem right.  If you are trying to discover what may be causing these and other problems in your home, learn the signs of water damage today.  Knowing how to find and identify the problem can help you address it early on, potentially saving property or possessions that may have otherwise needed to be replaced.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we want to empower homeowners like you to find the early signs of water damage and get the help you need.

1. The Signs of Water Damage

Water Damage in Your Home

Damage from water is often easy to detect if you know what to look for.  Some signs are quite obvious, while others may be more subtle and require an informed perspective to find.  First, water stains are the most clear sign of damage; usually these dark marks appear on the ceiling or wall.  Walls or floors that appear to be buckling can also indicate a water problem which has allowed the drywall or wood to swell. Similarly, crumbling or molding wood, especially around windows or baseboards, can indicate leaks or other sources of water damage.

Not all signs of water damage are strictly visual.  You may smell mold or mildew around the walls, indicating a problematic accumulation of moisture behind them.  Listening for a suspected leak can also sometimes lead to the site of current or potential damage.

2. How to Find The Source of the Damage

Sometimes finding the source of water damage is as simple as following the signs.  Mold growing around a window may reveal that a leak has opened up, allowing outdoor moisture to get in.  In other cases, the source of the damage may be more difficult to find, especially if it is occurring behind drywall or other opaque surfaces.  If you suspect water damage, but cannot see the source, call a professional investigation service like Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  The sooner you identify the source, the sooner you can begin resolving the issue.

3. What to Do About Water Damage

In some small cases, you may be able to resolve the source of your water damage early on.  Dehumidifiers can certainly help to dry out a room that has experienced a moisture accumulation.  However, it is often difficult to see the full extent of the damage.  So, if you have experienced a leak, flood, or other moisture related problem in your home, contact a professional water damage restoration service like Advanced mold Diagnostics for help.