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The professionals at Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you avoid the top three mold remediation mistakes!

Before you start trying to solve your mold problem, make sure you read this blog.  Many home and building owners–as well as some non-certified mold removal companies–make the same, potentially costly, mold remediation mistakes again and again.  Get the facts about proper remediation from the board certified mold specialists at Advanced Mold Diagnostics and ensure that you resolve your mold problem once and for all.

Mold Remediation1. Treating the Symptom, Not the Cause Mold remediation is about more than just clean up!  Although your first thought might be to get the mold out of your basement or scrubbed off the walls, the reality is that this is not likely to be a lasting solution.  Mold is a fungus which thrives in environments that have an excess of moisture.  So, wherever you find it, you need to ask: where is this mold getting the excess moisture it needs to grow?  Whether the answer is a crack, a flood, or insufficient ventilation, these root causes need to be dealt with in order to effectively remediate the mold.

2. Careless Containment Mold is easily disturbed, and its spores can become airborne. When you begin trying to clean the mold without taking proper containment measures, a couple of different issues can develop.  First, the airborne spores can get into our noses, mouths, and lungs and may create a reaction; this can be especially problematic if you have an at-risk individual in your home or building.  A more common problem that can develop is the spreading of mold to other areas of the building.  When you call a professional remediation company, they should set up effective containment before any work on the mold begins.

3. DIY- Or Don’t? Knowing whether or not to take on a mold remediation process on your own can be a tricky decision.  Sometimes, people seek to hire a professional company for a small area they could have handled on their own.  More often, home and building owners take on a project that turns out to be more than they can effectively handle.  Before you start any DIY mold removal, make sure to ask yourself:

  • How big is this area?
  • What is causing moisture to accumulate here and how can I resolve it?
  • Is anyone in my home or building at-risk for a reaction to mold?

The bottom line is that you should call a company for an assessment before you jump into the remediation process; they can steer you in the right direction about how best to solve your problem.

Avoiding these three remediation mistakes can make a huge difference in the outcome of your mold removal project!  Get more information about what type of remediation service may be right for your situation by calling Advanced Mold Diagnostics at 1-610-328-4350.

Have you ever attempted a DIY mold remediation that went well? How about any that went awry, we would love to hear about it.

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