Mold specialists answer the top three questions about mold testing Malvern residents want answered.

At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we hear a lot of questions about mold testing and remediation. For most of our clients, this is new territory.  So, we are taking the time today to answer the top three questions about mold testing Malvern residents want answered. With this information, home and building owners like you will be able to consider what to do about the potential mold on your property.

  1. How Is An At-Home Mold Test Kit Different From Professional Services?

An at-home mold test kit, one you can find in many department or hardware stores, is not a suitable replacement for a professional mold assessment.  Do-it-yourself kits are, unfortunately, not reliable and are limited in their scope of analysis.  On the other hand, a professional mold test can be done on site once the full extent of the problem has been assessed.  Then, in addition to an analysis you can trust, you can also receive personalized advice about your mold situation and how to address it safely and effectively.


  1. Why Do I Need Mold Testing Before I Call A Removal Service?

Before you schedule a mold remediation or attempt to treat the problem on your own in any way, it is important to begin with a professional assessment from a service that provides mold testing Malvern recommends.  This way, you and whoever is providing remediation services fully understand the extent of your problem and the best way to approach it.  In small-scale cases, you may be able to handle things on your own.  In others, it may be best to call in the professionals.  In either case, only a professional test can tell you what kind of mold you have, what caused it, and how far it may have spread — even to unseen places in your home or building.


  1. What Do I Do With The Results of My Mold Test?

Depending upon the details of your mold assessment, your next steps can vary.  When you get the mold testing Malvern recommends from Advanced Mold Diagnostics, one of our certified mold specialists will explain your results and offer advice about your next steps.  In some cases, this may be contacting a professional remediation service.  In other cases, you may even be able to address the problem with certain household products like vinegar or essential oils.


Mold Testing Malvern Recommends

If you are in need of mold testing, turn to Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  Our mold testing experts bring the training and professional experience you need to assess the mold in your home and determine its nature, cause, and how far it has spread.  For more information, or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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