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When discussing mold and mold growth, the topic of black mold almost always seems to arise. Sort of the celebrity of the mold family, black mold has risen in fame for its ability to quickly grow and spread in a home or building as well as for the health risks that it can present to those who live in conditions where the mold is present. So, what is the answer to “how to prevent black mold?

There are many ways in which we can take precautions and steps in order to reduce our exposure to and prevent black mold, but first, let’s take a look at why we might want to prevent it in the first place.

As we mentioned above, black mold can present many health risks to those who are exposed for a lengthy period of time. Black mold has been known to present allergy-like symptoms to those who are allergic to molds and mildew. In addition to sinus problems and sneezing, black mold is especially dangerous for those who suffer from asthma. Because asthmatic individuals already have a hard time taking in the right amount of oxygen for their bodies’ needs, breathing in the spores of this black mold can trigger an attack which can lead to all sorts of complications and even in extreme cases, death. Black mold is also accused of being the cause of many other ailments from nausea, chronic headaches, immune problems, and even cancer. So as you can imagine, having black mold in your home, or being exposed to it for lengthy periods of time, is definitely ill advised.

So we ask the question again, what can you do to learn how to prevent black mold?

3 Steps That Answer The Question How To Prevent Black Mold

1.) Deal with Moisture

Black Mold TestingWell, first things first, we have to make sure our dwellings are not overexposed to moisture. Mold can only grow in conditions that are right for it to survive, and black mold is no exception. Mold needs excess moisture in order to thrive, and eliminating that is the first, and easiest solution on preventing growth.

Many of our homes are not aerated properly in order to deal with the moisture that naturally enters our homes via the air. Basement areas are especially susceptible to mold growth because these spaces are not built to let the moisture that comes in, back out and based on location and the lack of outdoor access via windows and doors. Making minor edits to construction, or adding equipment such as a dehumidifier in these areas will assist in allowing the moisture to leave, and will prevent black mold growth.

2.) Repair Your Home

While we are the first to admit that owning a home can get very expensive, it important to protect your investment the best you can. Small leaks, etc., should not go untreated, and even those that may not seem that serious and fine to fix with a bucket or a small patch should definitely be given some more thought.

One of the easiest ways for water and moisture, which is vital for black mold growth, to get into our homes is by means of excess moisture as we stated before. Though, via a leak, the threat is much more direct as in many cases, the surfaces and materials in our homes that are getting wet and absorbing the unwanted water do not get a proper chance to dry, thus staying moist and perfect for black mold growth. Keep in mind that a small leak can not only let in a lot of water over time, but it can be the sign of a much greater leak or moisture problem, and while leaks might not be a part of your monthly budget, letting them go untouched can make the problem much more expensive down the road.

3.) Keep Clean

While mold, and black mold, needs moisture to live, they also thrive off of other materials such as the things that we make our homes out of, our clothes, and our food. I m sure we are all familiar with the science experiment that bread often becomes if it is left untouched for too long. It’s gross, sure, but it is also very natural, and getting rid of old food and things with mold or mildew on them can help prevent further growth.

In order to prevent the spread of mold, you have to get rid of the source of the spores, so making sure you throw out old food, clothes with mildew, etc. will help you stay ahead of black mold growth.

Preventing Black Mold

Preventing black mold is easy when you consider these three steps in the care and upkeep of your home. Your health and the health of your family is worth learning how to prevent black mold.

If you suspect that your home might be a hotspot for mold growth, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics. Our trained mold specialists can help you determine not only if you have a problem, but where the source is and how to fix it.