How Does AMD Stand Above the Competition?

Mold ContractorIt’s true that Advanced Mold Diagnostics has decades of experience in mold removal and the building sciences. While utilizing state of the art equipment and a staff of expert professionals are some of the things that make AMD great – these things alone do not make AMD what it is today. So what is it that makes Advanced Mold Diagnostics stand out from the competition? What does AMD provide its customers that separates it from other mold contractors on the East Coast?  It is attention to detail that separates AMD from other mold removal companies.

The 4 Reasons AMD Stands Out From Other Mold Contractors

  1. A culture of transparency and trust.
    Many mold contractors perform the services of both mold inspector and mold remediator, and they are criticized for it– but understandably so if they don’t have integrity. People argue that it is difficult to trust the judgment of a mold inspector who also wants perform your mold remediation. Advanced Mold Diagnostics understands this, but disagrees with that argument. There is no better person qualified to perform mold remediation than the person who just inspected your building for mold. At the same time, AMD highly values a relationship of transparency and trust with its customers, that’s why AMD insists on independent third party verifications. Any samples from our mold inspections go straight to a third-party lab for testing – and the results sent straight to you. AMD can go over your labs with you, you can read them yourself, and then you make the decision to utilize AMD for mold remediation. AMD is a valuable resource for anyone struggling to get rid of mold growth. When you hire AMD, you know you’re hiring a mold contractor you can trust.
  2. Expertise to see the project through to the end.
    At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we believe in seeing a project through to the end. That means from beginning to end, we are a resource for you. Unfortunately, many other mold contractors believe the job is just cleaning up the mold, and they convince their customers of that, too! That just isn’t the case, you have to figure out what caused the mold growth. After mold has been removed, the effects of it can still linger–effects like bubbled and warped drywall and the discoloration where mold was removed. AMD with decades of experience in general contracting can rebuild your walls, which not just any mold removal company can help with. With decades of experience in general contracting, AMD can repair any damage to the interior or exterior of your building, even that hard-to-fix stucco, good as new. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a mold removal expert who has the level of expertise that AMD does in every step of the mold removal process.
  3. A special focus on medical facilities and dialysis centers.
    Advanced Mold Diagnostics has been in the business for a long time, and has seen a whole lot of mold infestations–more than most other mold contractors. But some of the most severe cases we’ve seen aren’t severe because of the amount of mold, but because of the difficulty of removing it. In a building like a medical facility or a dialysis center, removing mold is a big problem because of the difficulty in managing logistics for the removal, stopping service, and the health risks to customers caused by the mold infestation. Luckily, AMD is highly experienced in dealing with medical facilities and dialysis centers, and has perfected our process for these facilities to a finely-tuned science. You won’t find a better mold contractor for dealing with medical facilities or dialysis centers anywhere.
  4. A long history of preventing OSHA complaints.
    One of the most difficult things to deal with as a business owner or manager is dealing with an employee complaint to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA complaints dealing with mold in the workplace can be a time-consuming hassle to deal with. At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we pride ourselves on our history of preventing OSHA complaints with our mold remediation procedures. Not only do we have OSHA-compliant procedures, but we go above and beyond to ensure that your business or medical center is safe from future OSHA complaints after we’ve done our job. Advanced Mold Diagnostics counts it as a success if you never have to hire us again.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics isn’t like other mold contractors. If you aren’t convinced yet, give us a call and find out what we can do for you.


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