4 Dangerous Signs You Might Need a Mold Contractor in Newport News

Mold can be an irritating and sometimes even dangerous problem to have in your building. Whether you are the owner, a facilities manager, or are leasing the space, mold is never a welcome sight. And for businesses like medical facilities, dialysis centers, and other medical facilities, mold is an even larger concern. How can your businesses help people get and stay healthy if your indoor air quality is damaging their bodies?

If you think you might need to hire a professional but are on the fence about it, consider these four reasons that you might need a professional mold contractor in Newport News.

Why You Might Need a Professional Mold Contractor in Newport News

  1. The climate conditions in Newport News are ideal for mold growth.
    The Newport News area and the cities that surround it–Norfolk, Williamsburg, even Virginia Beach–are great places to work, but they are also hot and humid. Beyond that, they are very wet and humid most of the time. These conditions can make for sweaty summers and wet winters, and all that moisture in the air means that condensation, flooding, and rainfall can all make their way into the unseen parts of your building, growing mold where you cannot see. Relative humidity is directly correlated with mold growth, and the relative humidity in Newport News is often quite high. A mold contractor in Newport News will know where to look to find that mold.
  2. Working in a building with mold increases risk of respiratory disease.
    Recent studies by the American Industrial Hygiene Association show that mold’s presence in a building is correlated with higher rates of respiratory infection. If you have mold in your building, you might be putting your employees or customers at risk, if the mold is out of control.
  3. Mold spores can contain toxins.
    When mold spreads, it does so by means of tiny particles in the air called spores. Like eggs, these tiny cells contain almost everything the mold needs to grow. When a spore finds its way into a wet and often dark space, it can “take root” and grow into mold. In order to spread, molds release millions of these tiny spores, and recent studies show that some species of mold spores contain compound that can be toxic to humans. A mold contractor in Newport News will know if the mold in your building releases spores that can be toxic.
  4. Mold spores can contain toxins.
    While serious mold problems can cause respiratory problems in most people, for people with pre-existing conditions such as allergies to certain species of mold and asthma, it can be quite dangerous. In these people, mold can trigger serious allergic reactions, asthmatic episodes, and even a serious fungal lung infection. Out-of-control mold problems can cause serious problems for your work environment if your customers include people with these conditions.

Not every mold problem is out of control, and many mold problems can be fixed with some time and a bottle of household cleaning solution. But for mold problems that are overwhelming or out of your control, there is Advanced Mold Diagnostics. If you are looking for a reliable and professional mold contractor in Newport News, give us a call today.