Odor Is A Clue for Mold Removal Companies

So, your nose has alerted you to a possible issue in your home or building. If you have been smelling musty and potentially moldy odors, you are left wondering whether it is a sign of a serious mold issue or maybe just some mildew in the bathroom. Before you begin looking into potential mold removal companies for hire, you will want to make sure their services are necessary. If professional service is necessary, it will be helpful for you to know a bit about the possible source of and types of odors that have triggered your concern. You can start by learning your Mold Score from Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

Mold Removal Companies

The key thing to understand is that smells can vary based on three factors. Recognizing these factors will be helpful in further investigation of the potential problem.

Mold Removal Companies Look at 3 Factors that Affect Odor:

  1.     Species: The scent of mold can vary dramatically depending on the species of the mold. Common mold types like aspergillus and cladosporium may smell distinctly different from black mold, although you probably won’t be able to differentiate this yourself..
  2.    Location: The place and type of surface on which mold grows can also cause it to have a variety of different odors. On top of this, the extent of the growth in that area or on that surface will impact the severity of the odor.
  3.    Conditions: A variety of variables regarding the conditions of the atmosphere in which the mold is growing can directly affect its smell. For instance, humidity levels allow for or hinder the release of mold spores to be airborne. This impacts the way the odor of the mold is able to be detected. Other factors include wind, weather, temperature, and light levels.

That musty odor you smell may not necessarily be coming from mold. A number of things in a home or building can produce odors such as gases from heating appliances, cleaning products, sewage issues, and even pets. However, a musty smell is very often a sign of mold growth, which means it is in your best interest to start looking for mold removal companies to come in and inspect your home. These factors that impact the odor of mold will be very helpful to know, so that you can better describe the situation to the mold removal company. Knowing this will augment their inspection.

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