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If you are someone who suffers from allergies or allergic reactions, you are likely aware that those symptoms are a reaction to something in your environment. However, you might be unaware of what the cause is or where it lies. Be weary of always dismissing your symptoms as the result of seasonal allergies or a head cold. These reactions might be the effect of exposure to something within your own home. A possible culprit may be mold growing in your home.


If you find this to be the case, you should look into receiving the top mold detection NJ has to offer from Advanced Mold Diagnostics. Before you call AMD, however, identify your symptoms to see if they match up with the typical effects of mold exposure in order to get a better idea of whether or not you might be dealing with mold in your home.

Indicators You May Need Mold Detection NJ Relies On

  1.    Allergies: The immune system’s response to taking in mold spores is sometimes an allergic reaction. These reactions are often very similar to typical seasonal allergies, making the effort to distinguish between mold allergies and other types of allergies quite difficult. These symptoms include sinus issues, itching and watering eyes, running nose, coughing, and sneezing. However, they also could also include much less common reactions like hair loss, skin rashes, and difficulty with breathing.
  2.    Toxic Symptoms: Some species of mold have the ability to produce toxic by-products. These can cause much more severe symptoms such as bleeding, impairment to organs, and multiple diseases. AMD’s mold detection NJ trusts in will detect these types of mold so that you can avoid any further harm from them.
  3.    Infections: When mold spores are breathed in, they can, on occasion, set up shop in your body and begin to grow into an infection. These infections can occur in the lungs, sinuses, digestive system, or skin. Such infections are rare and typically occur with only certain types of mold and only  in people that are not in good health.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, not only is that a good clue that you have mold in your home, but it is a reason to get the most quality mold detection NJ trusts in. That mold detection is offered by Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

AMD’s mold detection includes indoor air quality assessments and mold testing, both of which are executed with the most advanced equipment by certified experts. If you need mold detection in NJ, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics today!

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