If you are wondering how to prevent mold growth, you either:

A) Have a mold growth problem and are wondering how to stop it from spreading

B) Had a mold growth problem in the past and do not want it to happen again

C) Have a home that has no mold problem and want to keep it that way

No matter your situation, to find  the answers on how to prevent mold growth, you should turn to a mold removal expert. Advanced Mold Diagnostics’ quality and friendly customer service will help you with your mold problem, and by the end of the process we will make sure you know how to prevent mold growth.

When comparing mold removal service companies, we are confident that Advanced Mold Diagnostics stands above the competition. Here are a few reason’s why:

3 Reasons Advanced Mold Diagnostics is Your Answer to How to Prevent Mold Growth

1.    Experience:

Advanced Mold Diagnostics has been testing, inspecting, and removing mold for over twenty years. In this time, we have executed thousands of inspections and remediations and have made use of a wide variety of inspection and removal methods.

However, decades in the business is not our only source of experience. When you receive services from Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you can be sure that your home or building will be taken care of by experts with substantial training and certifications.

2.    Customer Satisfaction:how to prevent mold growth

Here at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we guarantee satisfaction with every mold test and inspection we perform. In fact, we hope that we don’t have to hear from you again. Our goal is to not only fix your current mold problem, but also to identify and rectify the original source of your problem so this doesn’t happen again. Our dedication pays off in the statements our clients make about our quality of work through the reviews they give us.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers who were wondering how to prevent mold growth are given a quality, thorough answer to that question. Many of our customers declare that Advanced Mold Diagnostics is in a league of its own when it comes to the mold industry. Others have made note “of our apparent expertise and experience” and our timeliness, efficiency, and flexibility of our service.

3.     Advanced Methods:

“Advanced” is not just part of our name. A large part of what makes our services advanced is our progressive methods that include top of the line technology and equipment. In addition to standard methods such as air testing and surface sampling, we implement innovative methods of inspection that include laser particle counters, moisture mapping, and thermal imaging. We have been in this business for decades and our advancements in technology and methods have grown and excelled with us.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics can answer your questions about preventing mold, as well as any other mold related questions you may have. For more information please contact us today!