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Advanced Mold Diagnostics gives tips on how to use clove essential oil for mold treatment.

The best mold inspection in Cherry Hill comes from Advanced Mold Diagnostics. One of the reasons that AMD is so well liked is because we offer friendly and helpful advice for fighting against mold growth in your home or building. Above anything else, we are primarily interested in getting mold out of homes, offices, schools, or any other buildings in which people dwell so that the harmful effects of mold are not felt. Of course, one way we meet that goal is by offering the best mold inspection Cherry Hill residents can trust in. On top of that, we try our best to inform the public with helpful guidance that can be used to prevent and/or treat mold growth.


Some of that helpful guidance has involved the use of essential oils to fight against mold growth. Essential oils are an all-natural alternative to the use of potentially harmful biocides (chemicals) for cleaning mold. One type of essential oil that is particularly effective is clove essential oil.

You might be familiar with cloves as a spice, but the essential oil that is derived from them has long been used medicinally in eastern parts of the world. The benefits of clove essential oil also apply to the treatment of mold. In fact, it is one of mold’s worst enemies. Even the mighty black mold is very sensitive to clove essential oil.

The magic of clove essential oil comes from its antifungal properties, which make it a great addition to your diet as well as a great addition to your DIY mold remediation kit. Here are a few ways you can use clove essential oil for fighting mold.

Provider of Best Mold Inspection Cherry Hill can get Provides Helpful Tips:

  1.    Diffuse: If you have recently experienced any kind of moisture build up in your home or building and have addressed the problem, diffusing clove essential oil into the air will kill airborne mold spores and reduce the chance for mold growth.
  2.    Scrub: If you have easily accessible mold on a non-porous surface, you can use diluted clove essential oil to wash it off. This oil is very potent, so you will want to dilute it with a generous amount of water. We suggest about 1 liter of water to a quarter teaspoon of clove essential oil.
  3.    Diet: As mentioned above, cloves and clove essential oil can be used internally for health purposes. So, if you happen to be suffering from a reaction to mold exposure, this oil could be a remedy for your body.

We hope these tips are helpful for your mold removal endeavors. Keep in mind, however, that a do it yourself remediation should not be attempted on mold growth that has expanded over ten square feet. At that point you will need to receive the best mold inspection Cherry Hill can get from Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

For the best mold inspection Cherry Hill has trusted for decades and all other mold treatment needs, contact AMD today!

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