AMD offers great tips on dealing with mold around windows.

Have you ever looked at a window in your home or work building and noticed discoloration or unusual textured spots around the frame? You might just think that such things are due to the wear and tear of old construction, but they are most likely the results of mold growth.

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Before you look for mold removal Haverford residents have relied on, it will be worth your while to understand what allows for this mold growth so that you can address the issue properly and avoid it in the future.

The last thing you want to do is look at the mold problem around your windows and let it slide because you assume it is a fact of life and a lost cause. While the issue may be common, it is still an issue and therefore does need to be addressed. Sometimes the mold issue isn’t even visible, but very likely due to a few factors that lead to, or symptoms that reveal mold problems.

As a Haverford mold removal company that has your best interest in mind, we have put together some explanatory advice regarding mold around windows for your convenience.

About Window Mold

Why windows? Mold is common around windows because mold growth is fueled by moisture. Windows are an area where moisture can easily build up for a couple of reasons. First of all, moisture can obviously leak in if the windows are not installed or sealed correctly. Secondly, windows are a common place for condensation, which is just a different form of moisture build up.

Deeper issues. Moisture build up that comes from windows can cause mold issues behind the frame of the window or even within the walls next to the window.

Mold indicators. So what are some things that might indicate these deeper issues? If you can see that the window is leaking, that is an obvious indicator. On top of that, water stains, warping of walls, cracking of paint, and deterioration of wood around the window are all signs of water damage and possible mold growth.

What can you do? If you already see these indicators, your best bet is to call for the most trusted mold removal Haverford has to offer from Advanced Mold Diagnostics. If you are clear of these symptoms and simply want to make sure to avoid mold around your windows, there are a number of things you can do. 1) Keeping a moderate temperature in your house will reduce window condensation. 2) On dry days, open your windows to increase circulation. 3) Use exhaust fans as much as possible and get a dehumidifier if humidity is an issue in your home or building.

We hope these tips will help you avoid mold issues, but if you do run into trouble, you can receive the best mold removal Haverford residents can get from Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

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