Bad Stucco & Ice Damming, a follow up – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

It always makes me wonder why some consumers pay good money for advice and then ignore it. The previous post where I documented how ice damming coupled with a faulty stucco cladding caused a problem more serious then it needed to be. After performing an indoor air quality assessment focusing on in this case water damage and mold testing I provided a detailed report with specific recommendations on how to address it properly without affecting the inhabitants.

Apparently, from conversations with my staff, the property owners were not happy with what I told them. I guess that sometimes the truth is harder to accept then the illusions you create in your mind. This particular property owner decided to ignore the advice I had given them and decided that the general contractor she brought in (who also recommended me) to oversee the repairs, was a waste of money, and they could GC this project themselves. It was no surprise when we recently received a distress call from the property owner. They had hired their own contractor, who wasn’t a mold remediation contractor, to remove the drywall throughout the house. They created a major problem regarding the fungal mold spores they released from the interstitial wall cavities. The property owners were calling from a hotel where they are now residing after being overcome from the exposure to mold. Apparently, the contractors they hired removed all the wallboard and discovered the wallboard and sheathing along with the framing members were covered with mold. Without experience they didn’t have the sense to stop and insist they get professionals involved. The indoor air quality from the mold was so bad that all the family members experienced health related issues according to information provided by the property owner. Now, they want us to come in and clean up the mess they created. This will now cost them more in terms of financial considerations and upheaval in their daily lives. If only they just listened to the professionals they wouldn’t be going through this emotionally trying situation that they find themselves in right now. We’ll now clean up the mold and have them replace the drywall once the stucco cladding issue is resolved.

It gives me no joy, only sorrow to think, I told you so.

Craig Camel

Advanced Mold Diagnostics