A Professional Mold Inspector: The Unsung Hero

professional mold inspectorDid you know that mold is ubiquitous and all around us? It’s an essential part of our ecology and is here to decompose dead organic materials. In most cases where you have normal fungal ecology there are mold spores in the air we breathe. Now this isn’t to scare you off, but to help debunk the myth that all mold is always harmful. On the contrary, mold is part of the natural environment, it’s only when we have more mold inside the work environment than outside, that it becomes a concern. If you have detected a mold issue, take action and seek out a professional mold inspector. You want to take the necessary actions for a proper inspection, remediation, and implement a future prevention plan.

A professional mold inspector is more than just a fancy title. Your mold inspector should possess the knowledge to detect mold, find the root cause of the mold problem within your facility and know how to prevent it.

Obviously, you want to make sure you are partnering up with a trustworthy, knowledgeable and dependable mold remediation company. You wouldn’t just pick any stranger to be your doctor, why would you pick a random company to handle your mold issues?

Here are some tips to consider when choosing an established mold remediation company:

  • What are their credentials?
  • Does the company have the right certifications, insurance and experience?
  • What do their clients have to say about them?
  • Do they handle large-scale projects such as shopping centers, malls and hospitals?
  • How does the company conduct the assessment in terms of time, equipment and detail of Scope of Work?
  • How long have the inspectors, technicians, contractors, and additional team members been in the business- training and experience).

Rely On The Professional Mold Inspectors From Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Not only is it important to research companies and their reputations, it is also important to understand the role your mold inspector plays. Your inspector is the one who will find the source of the problem, the extent and the solution. He should guide you through this process from the beginning to the end.

You can find a reliable mold remediation company to partner with at Advanced Mold Diagnostics. Our professional mold inspectors are highly trained in the detection and remediation of mold. What can you expect with one of our mold experts upon assessment? Here is what you will see with our mold inspectors:

  • Upon arrival, the inspector will review an extensive packet of information covering mold, mold testing, and mold remediation. With this information you will be able to address staff and health concerns when it comes to the severity of the mold.
  • He will collect background information and survey past and present medical issues that have been impacted  by the mold growth.
  • Inspection of all exterior concerns and aspects of the building components, including but not limited to: cladding, windows, doors, gutters, ventilation, and sealant joints.

When it comes to addressing a mold problem, you want to get the job done right the first time. Advanced Mold Diagnostics will ensure you do not face mold more than once. We have been serving our communities for 20 years and built relationships with countless companies, colleges, Universities, and medical facilities. For a peek at the extensive list of clients, click here.

Call us today to schedule your consultation with one of our professional mold inspectors and experts. Call us at 1-888-993-4574 to end your mold problems once and for all.