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19Mar 2015

The Advanced Mold Diagnostics team shares its wisdom about when to call a mold removal contractor for your business.

As a business owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate every day as you run your business.  Between meetings with employees, clients, and everyone in between, it can be tempting to let some of the details of your office building fall to the bottom of that ever-growing to-do list.  However, if there is a potential mold problem lurking in your walls or basement, waiting is not an option.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we want to share the common warning signs of mold problems with business owners like you, so you know when it’s time to call the mold removal contractor.

Signs of Mold Growth

mold removal contractorSometimes, mold growth in your commercial building is obvious; you can see it as an off-colored growth on the floor, walls, or ceiling.  You may also smell the unpleasant odor associated with the fungus.  In other cases, though, mold can develop more surreptitiously.  Typically, indicators of water damage, including leaks and floods, can be telltale signs of the ideal conditions for mold growth.  Molds require moist environments to thrive, so any area that is not receiving proper ventilation or drainage may be at risk.

If you are not sure whether or not your building is in need of mold removal or remediation, start by scheduling a professional assessment.  This will give you a good idea about the extent of the problem you are dealing with, and it can also provide guidance as to where to turn to safely and effectively resolve the issue.

The Mold Removal Contractor You Can Trust

Once you’ve read the signs, you need to contact a professional mold removal contractor you can trust.  At this stage, it is important to be sure you find someone who is experienced in working within a business environment and can help you navigate unique concerns, such as OSHA complaints and compliance.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we understand the challenges faced while restoring a commercial property.

When you contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you are getting more than just a team of mold removal specialists to come restore your property.  You also receive the benefit of our expertise in a comprehensive scope of services aimed to protect people and property with the best available science and solutions.  From mold inspections and testing to water damage & structural drying, our team is there to help keep your business–and your employees–safe and sound every step of the way.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with a mold removal contractor, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.


05Mar 2015

3 Facts Other Mold Testing Companies Won’t Tell You – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Before calling other mold testing companies, get these exclusive facts from the experts at Advanced Mold Diagnostics today.

Just reading this blog could save you thousands of dollars.

That’s right.  You’re probably looking for a solution to the mold problem in your home or office building.  Maybe you even suspect that a professional mold assessment or test is the next step you need to take to safely address the mold growth in your building.  Although you may be right, don’t pick up the phone and start calling mold testing companies quite yet.  Instead, stop and get these important facts from the mold experts at Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  Then, you can be confident in your next steps toward finding a solution to the mold growth in your home or building.  You may even save thousands of dollars along the way!

  • There Is No Such Thing As Toxic Mold

mold testing companiesSome mold testing companies, and certainly the media, get very excited about the idea of “toxic mold.”  The name alone is certainly alarming enough, and it is often accompanied by enthusiastic scare tactics.  However, at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we are convinced that honesty, rather than fear, is a better way to do business.

There is no such thing as “toxic mold.”  Rather, some species of mold have the ability to produce toxic by-products.  However, with over 100,000 species of mold in the world, most of it is not going to pose a health threat for generally healthy individuals.  Mold does have the ability to create an allergic reaction in any of us, but those symptoms are most aggravated in individuals with preexisting conditions such as those who are asthmatic or immunocompromised.

Should you still talk with a professional if you find a large area of mold in your home?  Absolutely.  But do you need to panic about “toxic mold”?  Not at all.

  • You Might Be Able to Fix This Yourself

Many mold testing companies, including Advanced Mold Diagnostics, also provide mold remediation services.  There are a number of advantages to this comprehensive approach, including being able to work with one company throughout the entire process.  However, some of these companies may take advantage of that connection, and you may find you are sold a remediation service for a problem which could have been handled on your own.

At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, however, we are strong supporters of clients who are interested in taking on manageable mold problems for themselves.  When this is a viable option, DIY mold removal can save you thousands of dollars! We want to help you to succeed and will gladly offer recommendations in equipment, cleaning materials, and other supplies.  However, we do advise that you contact a professional assessment company first to determine whether or not you are really facing a manageable project.

  • Not All Mold Testing Companies Screen Before Scheduling

On a similar note, when you choose a mold testing company to contact for help in your home or at your business, make sure that you look for one who screens customers prior to scheduling a professional assessment.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we find that our over the phone screening process is an important step for many clients, as it helps us, and them, to see if their problem really is in need of a professional.

If your over the phone screening reveals that professional assessment is necessary, we will happily schedule an inspection so we can get to work on your problem as soon as possible.  However, if the conversation reveals that you will probably be able to handle the problem on your own, without a test or inspection, then we will let you know!

For more information about how mold testing companies like Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you address the problem in your home or business, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.

27Feb 2015

Why You Don’t Need to Panic About Mold in Office Buildings – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Advanced Mold Diagnostics has the solutions to you need to mold in office buildings and other commercial spaces.

How did you discover the mold growing in your office building?  Has an OSHA complaint been filed?  Or has the problem simply been detected by concerned employees who noticed the site or smell of mold?  Either way, mold in office buildings is certainly the source of concern, and sometimes panic, for many businesses like yours.

Mold in Office Buildings

However, at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we want to bring you good news: you don’t need to panic about mold in office buildings. As a professional mold inspection and remediation service, we see people, like you, worried about mold all the time.  So, we want to take a moment to clear up some misconceptions and help you and your business discover your options when it comes to addressing mold in your office building.


Mold in Office Buildings is Not Irreparable

First and foremost: mold in office buildings is not the end of the world!  Although it is an issue that needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally, finding mold in your workspace should not cause panic.  Although the media tends to emphasize the dangers of toxic mold, the facts are that most mold is not a major health threat to individuals who do not have certain pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, professional inspection and remediation services are available to help businesses like yours.  They will even work with you to address any OSHA complaints which may have been filed.


So, should you panic about mold in your office?  No.  But should you deal with it as soon as possible?  Yes.  The sooner you address the presence of mold, the less of a chance it has to spread or become a bigger issue.


Professional Help From AMD

When looking for a solution to your mold problem, begin by seeking out a professional investigation or assessment, such as the one offered by Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  This comprehensive inspection will assess your office building inside and out, evaluating all potential sites of mold growth.  Where mold is found, its origin, extent, and species may be evaluated to help create a plan for remediation.


After you and your mold service provider have a better understanding of the situation, remediation can begin.  This process not only cleans up the existing mold, but it also works to address whatever caused moisture to accumulate and promote mold growth in the first place.
With over 25 years of experience in building science, indoor air quality, and mold remediation, Advanced  Mold Diagnostics has the expertise you need to help you navigate this challenge.  For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.

Mold in Office Buildings | Mold in Office Building

09Jan 2015

There has been a lot of media hype regarding household mold growth in recent years. News reports and local papers, including the Berwyn area, report stories of those who live close to us that depict indoor mold as debilitating, and forcing families out of house and home. And on top of that, you have the national reports and studies revealing just how dangerous mold can be for your health. Naturally, after hearing all of this information, you might be a bit panicked, and you may want to make an investment in a mold inspection for your Berwyn home. And if you suspect mold growth in your home, you are completely right in investing in a mold inspection.

It is important for you to know what to expect during a mold inspection so you are properly prepared.  Because of this media hype, many companies who are inexperienced and looking for a quick payday have entered the mold inspection market. This can often lead to incorrect practices and to an inaccurate result as to the condition of your home.

Mold Inspection Berwyn: Where Do I Start?

Mold Inspection BerwynSo naturally, the first step in getting a mold inspection in Berwyn is to select a mold inspector with proven experience. There are review sites and resources that you can use to get information on different contractors and companies so that you know the inspector you select will do a thorough, honest job. A good mold inspector will interview you prior to booking the inspection to make sure that your home is actually at risk for housing mold growth. He or she will ask you about potential leaks or moisture in the home that could cause mold to appear. If your home does not display any of the symptoms of a home afflicted with mold, a good inspector will be honest and tell you this before you make the investment, saving you time, and money.

I Need a Mold Inspection, Now What?

But, not all of us are this lucky, and unfortunately, you may have a mildew musty smell odor or a leak, or even visible growth on walls or in a bathroom. After you have booked your inspection, you can expect a few things to occur during the time that the contractor is in your home.

  • Thermal Imaging –An accurate mold inspection will utilize a thermal imager, much like the ones seen on investigative television shows, to determine the source of moisture without being invasive. Not every thermal imager is the same and the same goes for the expertise of the Thermographer. Thermal imagers allow us to see another small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum in addition to visible light. For example, let’s say you have moisture in your wall or ceiling from a plumbing leak, but you can’t see it. After a building material has gotten wet it will cool the building material as the evaporative cooling process occurs. It will show up as a cooler temperature then the rest of the surface and that is defined as a thermal anomaly. Well, in most cases, when there is a bit of visible mold, there is a lot more beneath the surface that you can’t see. A mold inspector can use the thermal imager to see the overall temperature of everything behind the walls, and in many cases,  the location can be determined based on these temperature patterns (anomalies).
  • Sampling – Most of the time, sampling isn’t necessary which is a little known secret that most mold inspectors don’t want you to know. Sampling generally only needs to occur if you’re trying to define the condition of the spaces adjoining the damaged area. Another scenario would be if there was to be litigation or from a health perspective. Some mold inspectors will take samples of the mold spores and send it to a lab for further analysis. This helps determine if the mold is present in the home’s air, as well as what kinds of mold are present and if they are harmful to your health.
  • Need for Further Work – A mold inspection is simply that, an inspection. And if a good inspector has already ruled out the possibility of you not having a mold problem at all, a mold inspection generally means that you are assessing just where and how much future work your home may need. This is no reason to be discouraged, but it is important to keep this fact in mind before you invest in a mold inspection. In order to remove the mold from your home, a contractor will have to remediate the area in most cases to properly remove the mold and prevent it from returning.

One thing to keep in mind if you are dealing with a home that is suffering from mold growth is that mold can spread very quickly.  Mold spores travel over the air looking for moisture sources, and mold thrives on the organic materials that make up our homes, clothing, and even our food. So if you suspect that you have a mold issue in your home, don’t delay on scheduling your mold inspection. The longer you wait, the more risk you run of your mold problem spreading throughout other areas of your home.

If you are looking for a mold inspection Berwyn residents trust, call Advanced Mold Diagnostics. Advanced Mold Diagnostics is the area’s proven accurate, and trusted mold contracting company with decades of experience in the industry. Our staff is trained, certified, and caring, and is ready to help you with your mold inspection needs.


19Dec 2014

Do you have a problem with mold growing in your home?  Are you wondering what your options are to have it removed?  Have you discovered the benefit that professional mold remediation procedures can offer?  Rather than waiting any longer, get the facts from Advanced Mold Diagnostics today, and take the next step toward a clean and mold-free home.

What is the First Step?

mold remediation proceduresAlthough you may want to jump straight into mold remediation procedures, it is important to note that this stage is the result of a thorough mold inspection.  The primary, investigative stage will help to determine how extensive your mold growth is and whether or not it really needs professional services. For smaller areas of growth, you may be able to resolve the problem yourself.  However, if the area exceeds five square feet, or if you have at-risk individuals in your home (infants, elderly, or immunocompromised), professional mold remediation will likely be the next step. Find out your Mold Score to see what type of issue you may be dealing with.

What Are Mold Remediation Procedures?

Mold remediation, then, is the process of removing mold growth from your home as well as restoring your property to its normal condition.  Mold remediation procedures are different from simply cleaning because of the element of restoration and repair.  Not only is the problematic growth removed, but actions are also taken to ensure that the mold will not recur.  Often, a leak or insufficient ventilation can lead to moisture accumulation, which in turn leads to mold.  So, a thorough mold remediation will entail cleaning, investigation into the problem, and whatever restoration and repair is necessary to keep your home clean and safe in the future.

Who Can I Trust for Remediation?

Because mold remediation procedures involve significantly more than just coming in with a powerful cleaning agent, it is imperative that you find a mold removal company qualified to do the whole job and to do it right.  In addition to being familiar with mold, its removal, and the health concerns it may cause, your remediators should also understand the details of construction and building forensics. Only such a comprehensive knowledge will allow them to fully resolve the mold and its root cause.

One mold remediation company you can have confidence in is Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  Our team has extensive experience in a range of related fields, from indoor air quality to construction.  Additionally, because this background also includes mold testing and investigation, our company is able to help you from start to finish in your mission to remove mold from your home, once and for all.

11Dec 2014

If you have identified mold growth in your home, it is time to consider your options to resolve this problem. After all, uncontrolled mold growth can indicate a leak or other significant problem in your home.  Unchecked, it may continue to spread, potentially damaging your possessions or even causing irritation to those with asthma or mold allergies.  Mold experts like those at Advanced Mold Diagnostics advise that investing the time and effort now to resolve the problem can make a huge difference later.  Discover how residential mold remediation can take care of your mold problem once and for all.

What Is Residential Mold Remediation?

residential mold remediationResidential mold remediation is the professional help you need to fully resolve the presence of mold in your home.  To many, full remediation is actually a much more involved process than they initially expect.  First and foremost, remediation is about removing all of the existing mold from your home.  Often, this requires professional grade products and equipment to ensure that the easily disturbed mold spores do not simply relocate elsewhere in your home.  It may also take some in depth investigation to ensure that all of the mold is identified and removed.

Mold typically grows in areas where there are excessive moisture levels.  So, when it starts to appear in your home, the growth is usually an indication of a leak, improper ventilation, or other related problems. A thorough remediation will ascertain the cause of the growth and work to fix that as well so mold does not simply grow back with the next leak or flood.  Additionally, residential mold remediation will work to restore your property to its original, normal condition, undoing the damage of the mold where possible.

When Should I Call A Professional?

Typically, residential mold remediation comes as the final stage of a mold inspection.  This professional investigation can help you to determine how far the mold has spread and what initially caused it.  Additional testing may also be required to determine what species of mold has developed; while most do not pose health hazards, some are toxic and may be harmful, especially to those at risk because of preexisting health conditions.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Whether you want to begin with a mold investigation, or you have already tested and know what the problem is, Advanced Mold Diagnostics is available to help.  We offer comprehensive mold testing and remediation services to help homeowners like you find and eliminate problematic mold in their homes and buildings.

11Dec 2014

AMD Indoor Air Quality Assessment – Mold Inspection Philadelphia – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Everyone has some amount of mold in their home. That is just an inevitable reality. However, depending on the type and amount of mold, not all mold growth is problematic within homes. If you are anticipating the need for mold remediation in your home, it is time to get a mold inspection. Advanced Mold Diagnostics offers indoor air quality assessments that include the gathering of background information, visual examinations of the interior and exterior of the home, monitoring for gases, the use of thermal imaging, moisture meters, and more.

You will want to receive a mold inspection Philadelphia trusts in. In order to ensure that you do, you should be sure to do your research and make a few comparisons between the mold remediation companies you are considering. Here at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we believe we offer the best mold inspection Philadelphia can get. Here are a few reasons why.

AMD – The Best Mold Inspection Philadelphia Can Get

  1.   mold inspection philadelphia Our certifications are legitimate. Be careful of mold remediation companies that claim to have certified experts. Here at AMD, we take that claim seriously, but some “experts” have gotten their certifications from buying a book, taking an online test, and paying fifty dollars for a certificate. These are not the people you want to trust to take care of a problem as significant as mold in your home. AMD experts are board certified which allows you to be confident in our work.
  2.    We take it slow and steady. You might be wondering why we would advertise slowness. Well, we work for your convenience. So, by no means do we implement slothfulness. However, we advocate thoroughness above quickness. Other companies might trumpet their speediness because that is attractive to customers. Beware! This apparent “convenience” often affects the quality of work.
  3.    We do more than just tests. We understand that remediation procedures cannot be completely based off of test samples. While other companies might rely too heavily on testing, we implement a multitude of different types of examinations in our inspections in order to come to a well-rounded conclusion for determining your remediation needs.
  4.    We keep it simple. For your convenience, we do not go any further than necessary. We offer a mold inspection Philadelphia prefers because we are not interested in tearing a wall open if it is not needed. We begin inspections with the least invasive examination methods and only get into removal and reconstruction as necessary.

These are just a few of many distinctions between quality and sub-par examinations. Now you know where to turn for your mold inspection. Philadelphia can find superior indoor air quality assessments from Advanced Mold Diagnostics.


08Dec 2014

You probably know that something is going wrong in your home, but you may not be quite sure what it is.  You may have smelled something in the basement that wasn’t there before or noticed dark spots on the walls that don’t seem right.  If you are trying to discover what may be causing these and other problems in your home, learn the signs of water damage today.  Knowing how to find and identify the problem can help you address it early on, potentially saving property or possessions that may have otherwise needed to be replaced.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we want to empower homeowners like you to find the early signs of water damage and get the help you need.

1. The Signs of Water Damage

water damage

Damage from water is often easy to detect if you know what to look for.  Some signs are quite obvious, while others may be more subtle and require an informed perspective to find.  First, water stains are the most clear sign of damage; usually these dark marks appear on the ceiling or wall.  Walls or floors that appear to be buckling can also indicate a water problem which has allowed the drywall or wood to swell. Similarly, crumbling or molding wood, especially around windows or baseboards, can indicate leaks or other sources of water damage.

Not all signs of water damage are strictly visual.  You may smell mold or mildew around the walls, indicating a problematic accumulation of moisture behind them.  Listening for a suspected leak can also sometimes lead to the site of current or potential damage.

2. How to Find The Source of the Damage

Sometimes finding the source of water damage is as simple as following the signs.  Mold growing around a window may reveal that a leak has opened up, allowing outdoor moisture to get in.  In other cases, the source of the damage may be more difficult to find, especially if it is occurring behind drywall or other opaque surfaces.  If you suspect water damage, but cannot see the source, call a professional investigation service like Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  The sooner you identify the source, the sooner you can begin resolving the issue.

3. What to Do About Water Damage

In some small cases, you may be able to resolve the source of your water damage early on.  Dehumidifiers can certainly help to dry out a room that has experienced a moisture accumulation.  However, it is often difficult to see the full extent of the damage.  So, if you have experienced a leak, flood, or other moisture related problem in your home, contact a professional water damage restoration service like Advanced mold Diagnostics for help.


26Nov 2014

When it comes to choosing a home mold remediation service, you want to be sure you are getting the very best.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we are confident that the very best is exactly what you will find when you work with our team.  Supplying comprehensive service, reliable expertise, and an unmatched level of professionalism, our mold remediation is the best on the market.  Find out what sets us apart and what customers have to say about the service they have received.

Comprehensive Home Mold Remediation

home mold remediationHome mold remediation is about more than simply cleaning up the mold visible in your basement, kitchen, or bathroom.  Rather, this process, which should come after a thorough inspection, is much more in depth.  Full remediation involves not only the removal of mold, but also the restoration of property and prevention of future damage.  What is the point of cleaning up current mold if the crack or poor ventilation that allowed it to grow in the first place remains?  Rather than providing a service that needs to be done over and over, Advanced Mold Diagnostics seeks to resolve your mold problem once and for all.

In order to effectively find and remove all of the mold, our remediation process requires knowledge of more than just cleanup.  Instead, our team members have backgrounds in a range of related fields, from indoor air quality to building forensics, in order to ensure that your home mold remediation receives the comprehensive approach it requires.

What Customers Are Saying

Even as we work to remove the mold from your home and to prevent its return, an equally important goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with every aspect of the process.  We believe true customer service requires a level of honesty, professionalism, and efficiency that you will not find with other remediation services.  The best judge of our work is our customers; check out what some of them have said about the services they have received.

Elizabeth Palmese writes, “[Crewmembers] were consistently courteous and diligent with regard to cleaning. Having working crews in the house for months was not a burden mainly because of the professionalism displayed. Equally notable is the high level of craftsmanship evident in the finish work.”   Our crews are acutely aware that they are working within your home, and so we do everything possible to ensure that it is a positive experience, rather than an added hassle.

Amy Freeze and Dr. Gary Arbuckle write, “During a very frustrating situation you gave us priceless guidance to get cleaned up.”  We know that finding mold in your home can be frustrating and even frightening.  So, we will never take advantage of your situation; instead, we want to create open and honest communication about what the problem is and what your best options are for resolving it.

To hear more about what our satisfied customers have to say about the home mold remediation services they have received, contact us today!

25Nov 2014

Whether your basement is a finished area where the family spends time together or it is primarily a storage area for off-season clothes and decorations, it is an important part of your home.  So, the presence of mold in your basement is more than just a problem of mildewed boxes or furniture; it can be an indicator of a moisture problem building in the basement of your home.  If this is the case for your own basement, it is imperative that you find the right basement mold remediation services to help you fully resolve the issue.  Advanced Mold Diagnostics is here to help you make the right choice for your basement and therefore your entire home.

What to Look For In Basement Mold Remediation Services

basement mold remediationComprehensive Basement mold remediation services are all about helping you to reclaim this area of your home.  From removing mold to restoring your property to its original condition, this process should aim not only at cleaning up the mess of mold but also making sure it does not happen again. So, it is vital that you find a remediation service whose background includes a wide range of relevant fields, including mold removal, moisture analysis, and even waterproofing.

Each of these areas of expertise allow the remediation team (through a variety of procedures) to ensure the mold is removed from your home once and for all. Advanced Mold Diagnostics stands out in this area for the comprehensive backgrounds of our team, from building forensics to indoor air quality and more.

In addition to a comprehensive background, it is important that you also look for a remediation service that has a record of quality service and integrity.  Our service is not limited to just remediation, but expands to include restorative services as well as inspection and waterproofing.  We want to be able to help you every step of the way.  However, most importantly, we want to be able to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your home.  If your remediation can actually be done on your own, we’ll give you solid advice instead of a sales pitch.  That’s service and integrity you can trust.

Get Started With Advanced Mold Diagnostics Today

When it comes to making the decision about who to trust for your basement mold remediation, the choice is clear.  Advanced Mold Diagnostics stands out as the remediation service with the comprehensive experience and quality service you need.  To schedule your remediation, contact us today.