Choosing the Right Basement Mold Treatment – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

When it comes to choosing the right basement mold treatment service, it is important to choose the best company for your needs.  While many mold remediation services may offer must-have solutions to your mold problems, do they really have the skills and experience to diagnose the real needs of your basement? Can they offer a realistic and reliable solution?  When it comes to a point-by-point comparison of skills, experience, and service, Advanced Mold Diagnostics stands out as the clear choice.

Skills and Certificationbasement mold treatment

When seeking a company for basement mold treatment in your home, there is more to the story than simply removing the existing mold.  The process begins with inspection and potentially testing to determine what level of remediation is necessary.  If professional remediation is necessary, the mold will be removed and the damage it caused will be repaired to maintain the integrity of the building.

The advantage of Advanced Mold Diagnostics is that you receive the benefit and expertise of years of experience, in addition to certifications in a wide range of related fields, including mold remediation, moisture analysis and quality control, and building science thermography.  While other companies may be able to help you get rid of your mold, AMD offers expert service throughout the entire process.

Background and Experience

The range and quality of Advanced Mold Diagnostic’s basement mold treatment comes in no small part from the experience founder Craig Camel and other staff have in a variety of related fields.  With over 25 years in environmental and construction services, Camel has assembled a team with backgrounds in building forensics, environmental science, indoor air quality, and more.  Few other businesses can compare with the comprehensive background of the AMD team.

Service and Integrity

When comparing different basement mold treatments available from other providers, you may notice that their services are limited to remediation alone.  However, the Advanced Mold Diagnostics difference is that they work with you from the very beginning of the process.  Because they begin with inspection and potential mold testing, you can be confident that AMD specialists will do more than simply remove the mold you can see.  Instead, they will determine the root cause, extent of the damage, and even the different options available to remedy it.  While some businesses will sell you an expensive remediation package, regardless of your situation, AMD will actually offer advice if the problem is able to be dealt with on your own.

Beyond Basement Mold Treatment

As you have already begun to discover, wet basements can be a breeding ground for mold; instead of waiting for further problems to visibly manifest, you can preemptively resolve them with basement and crawl space waterproofing.  From crack repair to interior and exterior french drain systems, AMD offers a variety of solutions to ensure that you won’t have to be down in the basement mopping up each time it rains!