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Over the past few years, mold and mold removal have been hot topics in the news, becoming more and more common in the stories and reports that we hear and read. Many of these stories seem scary. They mention disease names and have named mold types by different nicknames that are all intended to scare those who are unsure or leery of the mold in their own homes. Butare mold spores dangerous?

Understanding The Answers to “Are Mold Spores Dangerous”?

First, it is important to know exactly what mold is and why the news media has hopped on the bandwagon of reporting this substance in our homes. Mold is part of the fungi kingdom, There are over 100,000 different species identified to date. It is typically defined as a fury or fuzzy growth of microscopic fungi.Are mold spores dangerous, can mold spores be dangerous, is mold dangerous, what is the danger of mold,

Mold was put on the planet to decompose dead organic materials. And what’s funny is, we build our homes out of dead organic materials and then wonder why we have problems with mold. Mold thrives on organic food sources such as drywall, wood, paper, etc.  Mold needs moisture in order to proliferate and when you have a moist, warm environment, the conditions that mold likes, you will have unwanted growth.

Mold can essentially grow on anything that is porous and was once alive at one time or another. It’s sometimes puzzling as to how mold can grow on non-porous surfaces as well. Actually, it isn’t growing on the non-porous surface it’s growing on the film on these surfaces. This means that our clothes, food, and almost every surface in our homes are susceptible to mold growth.

In addition to it being incredibly easy for mold to grow based on the materials it feeds on, the ideal conditions for mold growth are incredibly easy to create as well. Air that is slightly humid or surfaces that are moist or even a tad damp can help create the prime conditions for microbial growth to form.

Knowing all of this, mold spores sound pretty dangerous, don’t they?

When searching for the answer to Are mold spores dangerous?” the truth is, mold spores can be dangerous, depending on the type and the amount in which infests your home, but it is certainly nothing to panic over. Sometimes, the stress of worrying about it is actually worse than the actual exposure. Below, we have listed some of the ways in which mold can be detrimental to your health:

  • Respiratory Issues – Are mold spores dangerous to the respiratory system? The answer, is they can be. Mold spores are dangerous especially for those of us who suffer from respiratory problems, like asthma. Because of the way that mold grows and travels, it can irritate those who are already susceptible to respiratory weaknesses. Mold reproduces in the form of spores, which are easily airborne and just as easily breathed in. Those with asthma are extra susceptible because these small particles can irritate the lungs triggering an attack.
  • Skin Conditions – Mold, because it is a fungal substance and something that is considered foreign and unnatural to our living environments, has the tendency to react negatively with our bodies. When our bodies are busy fighting the mold that we ingest via the air, our immune systems get weaker. This makes us more susceptible to skin rashes and problems, which can be a serious, uncomfortable nuisance
  • Allergic Reactions – Mold is a natural substance, and just like grass or pollen, some of us can suffer from allergies to mold. These reactions range from mild itchiness and irritation to more severe reactions up to suffering from anaphylactic shock. Allergy pills can sometimes mask these affects so many people often live with the effects of mold in their homes unnoticed. In other cases, many people blame the allergy affects that they experiencing on other factors in their environments including the outdoors or pets, when in reality, it can be mold growing unnoticed in the home. This is the most common health side effect caused by mold, and can often be the most serious.
  • Serious Ailments – There are many cases that have been reported in which exposure to mold spores has been attributed to more serious illnesses such as different types of cancers as well as death. These cases are much more rare than the lesser conditions that are caused, but nonetheless, should still be taken into account when considering mold in your home.

So, when considering these different reactions, it is safe to say that mold spores are dangerous. So now that we have established that these spores can cause us a lot of pain and some suffering, it is important to learn how to get rid of it. Here are a few tips on getting rid of the dangerous mold spores that you may have growing in your home.

The easiest and safest way to take care of a mold problem is to call in the help of a professional. Sure, there are many DIY methods of mold removal, but when it comes to mold, the safest way to rid of it is to call in the assistance of someone who has had experience in dealing with mold. A certified mold specialist can determine what type of mold you might have growing in your home and can get rid of it safely and make sure that it is gone correctly the first time.

Contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics today to take care of your mold problem and do keep you safe from dangerous mold spores.