Discover what the mold inspectors at Advanced Mold Diagnostics really do during mold assessments for businesses like yours.

If you own a business, or even a commercial building used by other businesses, you have the responsibility to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment. From time to time, this duty may require you to schedule a mold assessment for your building.

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However, when trying to find the best possible service provider, you need to begin with an understanding of what mold inspectors like Advanced Mold Diagnostics really do. When you better understand the service provided, you can make a stronger comparison and be confident that you’re choosing the best possible mold inspection service.

Initial Contact

When you first contact a mold inspector, you should encounter an initial screening process. At this stage, mold inspectors should ask you about your situation, your building, and you needs. If, instead of a primary assessment process, you immediately find yourself being sold a full evaluation, you may want to think twice.  True professionals should always begin by understanding your situation before offering potential solutions.

Services Provided By Mold Inspectors

After coming to an understanding of the potential mold problems in your building, as well as your particular needs, mold inspectors should explain the services that they can provide.  Depending on the results of your initial screening, they may recommend or offer some or all of the following services:

  • Thorough exterior visual inspection for moisture, mold growth, and defects
  • Extensive interior visual inspection for moisture, mold growth, and defects
  • Measuring for volatile organic compounds with PID monitors
  • Measuring Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide levels
  • Evaluation of ozone levels
  • Testing for radon levels
  • Evaluation with thermal imaging technology
  • Mold sampling and testing
  • Extensive reporting on all findings
  • Recommendations for next steps

Experience & Expertise
In addition to providing comprehensive services you should also expect mold inspectors to provide evidence of their experience and expertise.  Because an effective mold assessment involves not only identifying the presence of mold, but also evaluating its origins and potential reach, it is important to find a company with a background in all of the related issues.  These should include mold assessment, indoor air quality, and also construction.

Furthermore, rather just a general mold certification, you should be sure to look for board certification in both mold assessment and, potentially, remediation.  Additionally, ask for testimonials from recent clients who can speak to the service provided.

With a better understanding of what mold inspectors do and what sorts of expert services they should be able to provide, you will be well equipped to find the best company for your commercial building.  For more information about how Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.

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