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Advanced Mold Diagnostics has the solutions to you need to mold in office buildings and other commercial spaces.

How did you discover the mold growing in your office building?  Has an OSHA complaint been filed?  Or has the problem simply been detected by concerned employees who noticed the site or smell of mold?  Either way, mold in office buildings is certainly the source of concern, and sometimes panic, for many businesses like yours.

Mold in Office Buildings

However, at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we want to bring you good news: you don’t need to panic about mold in office buildings. As a professional mold inspection and remediation service, we see people, like you, worried about mold all the time.  So, we want to take a moment to clear up some misconceptions and help you and your business discover your options when it comes to addressing mold in your office building.


Mold in Office Buildings is Not Irreparable

First and foremost: mold in office buildings is not the end of the world!  Although it is an issue that needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally, finding mold in your workspace should not cause panic.  Although the media tends to emphasize the dangers of toxic mold, the facts are that most mold is not a major health threat to individuals who do not have certain pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, professional inspection and remediation services are available to help businesses like yours.  They will even work with you to address any OSHA complaints which may have been filed.


So, should you panic about mold in your office?  No.  But should you deal with it as soon as possible?  Yes.  The sooner you address the presence of mold, the less of a chance it has to spread or become a bigger issue.


Professional Help From AMD

When looking for a solution to your mold problem, begin by seeking out a professional investigation or assessment, such as the one offered by Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  This comprehensive inspection will assess your office building inside and out, evaluating all potential sites of mold growth.  Where mold is found, its origin, extent, and species may be evaluated to help create a plan for remediation.


After you and your mold service provider have a better understanding of the situation, remediation can begin.  This process not only cleans up the existing mold, but it also works to address whatever caused moisture to accumulate and promote mold growth in the first place.
With over 25 years of experience in building science, indoor air quality, and mold remediation, Advanced  Mold Diagnostics has the expertise you need to help you navigate this challenge.  For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.

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