Don’t Wait to Schedule A Mold Test For Your Dialysis Center

Discover why you need to schedule a mold test with Advanced Mold Diagnostics today.

In your dialysis center, high standards are an important part of everyday life.  You are committed to providing expert care to each patient who comes through your door while combining compassion and expertise. Because of this dedication to serving your patients well, you may have considered scheduling a mold test for your facilities to maintain a safe and clean environment.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we understand how important it is for you to find a mold assessment service whose standards match your own.  So, before waiting any longer to schedule your mold testing, discover the AMD difference today.

Service You Can Trust

mold testAs a professional health facility, you understand the importance of working with businesses who have the expertise necessary to help you keep your business safe.  That is precisely what you will find when you schedule your mold test with Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  Our expert service teams use the latest technology, such as laser particle counter readers, moisture meters, and thermal imaging, to thoroughly evaluate your facilities for moisture and mold growth.  You can have confidence that we will not only find even the most hidden  moisture or mold problems in your building, but also that we will offer you the guidance you need to take the next steps towards remediation.

The Experience You Need

You also want to work with a company who understands the unique needs of dialysis centers and healthcare facilities like yours.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we have proudly provided mold prevention and remediation services to over 150 dialysis centers throughout the mid-atlantic area and beyond. Our record speaks for itself with our 98.4% abatement rate in our remediation jobs. We do the job correctly the first time with no further work being required. This is one of the most impressive abatement rates you will find in the industry.  So, not only do we know what we are looking for, but we can also help you take the next steps to resolve the issue.

In addition to excellence in mold inspection and removal, you will also enjoy our high level of professionalism.  We work quickly, efficiently, and quietly to ensure that your important work with patients is not unnecessarily disturbed. And once we’re finished, you will barely know we have been there!  The only difference will be the empowering information you have about mold growth and the next steps to take on your way to full remediation.

Schedule Your Mold Test Today

Every day that you postpone your mold test is another day your problem can continue to grow.  Neither you nor your patients can afford that kind of procrastination.  Instead, call Advanced Mold Diagnostics today and schedule a professional mold assessment for your dialysis center.  You can reach us at 1-610-328-4350.