The Effective Alternative to At-Home Mold Test Kits

Maybe it was the water stains on your basement wall.  Or perhaps it was a musty smell in the attic that made you suspicious.  Whatever the initial cause, you have done some investigation and think that there might be mold growing in your home.  Of course, before you make the call for professional help and remediation, you want to be sure.

Can you get the facts you need from at-home mold test kits?  Many promise reliable results in just a few minutes, using a swab test and nearly instantaneous results.  Others require you to mail in samples from around your home.  Although they sound promising, are these kits actually giving you the results you need? Results you can count on? Find out from the mold experts at Advanced Mold Diagnostics today!

Do Mold Test Kits Work?

mold test kitsThere are a variety of different types of these at-home mold test kits.  Either performed at home or sent away for answer, all tests require you to send away for results.  In both of these cases, the sample is usually a swab from the home which is then tested for a few different types of mold.

Unfortunately, although these test kits sound promising, the reality is that they have not been proven to be reliable.  Consumer Reports performed a study on the efficacy of DIY home mold test kits and found them to be unreliable and incorrect on occasion. This is due in large part to the limitations of these tests.  Typically, they are only designed to test the most common species of mold, but there are over 100,000 different species in existence!  Additionally, they cannot evaluate the indoor air quality of your home, which may help to indicate otherwise undetected mold.  Finally, the fact remains that there is a significant chance of user error when it comes to performing a DIY mold test.  Although these kits come with instructions, they are not always clear, and incorrect use can lead to unreliable results.

Finding Professionals You Can Trust

Instead of relying on mold test kits that you order online or pick up in the home improvement aisle, turn to experts for a reliable evaluation of the mold in your home.  When you work with specialists like those at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you can begin the conversation with a screening process that will help them discern whether or not you will need further testing.

If you do need an expert evaluation, professional mold testing can reveal more accurate and comprehensive results.  When professionals test your air quality and potential mold in person, they are able to thoroughly evaluate not only whether or not mold is growing, but also what may have caused it in the first place.  This detail alone marks one of the biggest differences between an at-home test, which leaves you to deal with unreliable results on your own, and professional testing, which can help you understand your unique situation and the next steps you need to take.

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