The stock market is tanking, unemployment keeps rising and the price of oil is plummeting. What does this all mean to you and me. We’re all watching our pennies right now, from brown bagging to driving less. Does that mean we can forget about watching our energy costs and carbon footprint – I don’t think so. Not when we are worried about diminishing income. Now is the time to start thinking about what and where to cut costs.

As the cold weather approaches what comes to mind for many of us is the rising cost of home heating. Taking an active role in controlling your energy costs is something to start thinking about as the temperature drops. Leaking windows, heat loss through unsealed openings, imbalanced distribution, oversized and undersized systems, can all be remedied with the right information.

Schedule your diagnostic energy audit today and we will show you do-it-yourself ways to make your home energy efficient this season at the same time reducing your carbon foot print.

Craig Camel

Advanced Mold Diagnostics