Do you have a problem with mold growing in your home?  Are you wondering what your options are to have it removed?  Have you discovered the benefit that professional mold remediation procedures can offer?  Rather than waiting any longer, get the facts from Advanced Mold Diagnostics today, and take the next step toward a clean and mold-free home.

What is the First Step?

Although you may want to jump straight into mold remediation procedures, it is important to note that this stage is the result of a thorough mold inspection.  The primary, investigative stage will help to determine how extensive your mold growth is and whether or not it really needs professional services. For smaller areas of growth, you may be able to resolve the problem yourself.  However, if the area exceeds five square feet, or if you have at-risk individuals in your home (infants, elderly, or immunocompromised), professional mold remediation will likely be the next step. Find out your Mold Score to see what type of issue you may be dealing with.

What Are Mold Remediation Procedures?

Mold remediation, then, is the process of removing mold growth from your home as well as restoring your property to its normal condition.  Mold remediation procedures are different from simply cleaning because of the element of restoration and repair.  Not only is the problematic growth removed, but actions are also taken to ensure that the mold will not recur.  Often, a leak or insufficient ventilation can lead to moisture accumulation, which in turn leads to mold.  So, a thorough mold remediation will entail cleaning, investigation into the problem, and whatever restoration and repair is necessary to keep your home clean and safe in the future.

Who Can I Trust for Remediation?

Because mold remediation procedures involve significantly more than just coming in with a powerful cleaning agent, it is imperative that you find a mold removal company qualified to do the whole job and to do it right.  In addition to being familiar with mold, its removal, and the health concerns it may cause, your remediators should also understand the details of construction and building forensics. Only such a comprehensive knowledge will allow them to fully resolve the mold and its root cause.

One mold remediation company you can have confidence in is Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  Our team has extensive experience in a range of related fields, from indoor air quality to construction.  Additionally, because this background also includes mold testing and investigation, our company is able to help you from start to finish in your mission to remove mold from your home, once and for all.