What You Need To Know Before You Hire a Mold Contractor

Mold ContractorChoosing the right mold contractor is essential for the health of your building. If you’re a business owner or facilities manager, you want to get the best bang for your buck and make sure that your building is taken care of. That means you need a mold contractor who is trustworthy, gets the job done, and can be relied upon to give you the care and advice you need.

Before you decide on a mold remediation company to take care of your mold problem, you need to make sure you have all the facts. Will your mold contractor be able to give you the service you want at the right price? Here are a few questions to ask before making your decision.

4 Questions For a Potential Mold Contractor

  1. Do you have experience working with mold problems like mine? Not all mold infestations are created equal, and a contractor’s experience plays a large role in whether they can handle your infestation or not. Home mold infestations should be handled differently from commercial mold infestations, and if you have mold under your cladding or stucco, you’ll want someone with experience in those difficult materials, as well. Make sure you ask the contractor about their experience.
  2. How do you handle mold testing results?
    Different mold testing professionals have different ways of processing their mold testing results. If you hire a mold contractor that performs their own testing, ask them about how they handle the results.  A mold remediation company that sends the mold to be tested, and then sends the test results to you, is a company that wants to keep you in the loop about your mold problem. However, if a mold testing company does its own testing, or handles the results before passing them on to you, that could be a red flag. A company that keeps their customers informed with each step is a company you want can trust.
  3. Do you handle mold repair?
    Many people don’t realize how much damage mold can actually cause to their building. Mold can bubble paint, infect drywall, and leave permanent stains on light surfaces. The damp that usually accompanies mold usually means that water damage has occurred, too. You don’t want your mold removal company to leave you high and dry (or not so dry, given that we’re dealing with mold) after the mold is gone. Lingering water damage and mold damage is unsightly, and if it isn’t handled properly, can lead to even more mold growth. Make sure your mold remediation contractor can handle the repairs, or at least have a plan for clean-up.
  4. What is included in each package?
    Mold contractors will sometimes present several options of mold treatment available to their clients. It is always worth your while to determine the differences between these services and what you actually need, rather than just go for the one at a specific price point. Not all buildings will need all kinds of mold testing, and not all buildings will need stucco repair. Choose a package that is best for your situation. Any mold remediation contractor worth their certification will help you pick the package that is right for your situation.

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