This weekend, everyone’s favorite hallmark holiday will be upon us. Flowers, chocolates, and hearts will surround us in our dealings with significant others. Fancy dinners will commence, movie dates will be had, and many will host a special someone in their homes. Imagine bringing your date home after a nice dinner and gifts to find the look on his or her face wrinkle up the minute they walk into your home because of a musty odor caused by mold growth.

Mold growth, as you know if you have been paying attention to our blog for any length of time is an unavoidable occurrence in many homes. The materials that we build our shelters out of today are prone to mold growth because they are made out of the substances that microbes like to eat. Mold, as you may also know, can often give off an unpleasant odor that smells musty or like mildew. And no one wants to bring a date into a home that smells faintly of anything other than fresh.

So what can you do about this before the big night this weekend? You have a couple of options.

1) Take care of some minor mold removal yourself – If the patch of mold growth that you are seeing is small enough to warrant a DIY job, there are ways that you can remove the mold yourself which should in turn remove the smell. There are a lot of techniques that you can study up on here that will ensure that you are using the right materials for the job. Keep in mind though that removing the mold that you see may not get rid of all of the mold you have. Mold growth can be lurking under the surface of walls and other home materials where you cannot see.

2) Call a mold removal specialist – Have someone who knows about mold growth in all of its forms come out and take a look at your home. If you suspect that the mold problem that you have surpasses that of one that can be handled with some home remedies, a mold inspector can tell you. While having a mold inspection may not get rid of the smell right away, you will get some peace of mind knowing where the smell is coming from and you will have plenty of time to plan a weekend getaway so no one has to know about your little microbial secret.

So don’t embarrass yourself this Valentine’s Day by disappointing or disgusting your date with a moldy smelling home. Either take care of the problem yourself or call in a professional to examine the mold growth in your home. A mold inspector can give you the answers you need while a little bleach/other home remedies can give you the quick fix you need before a night of romance.  So don’t let microbial growth ruin your good time, and learn how to take care of your home and the mold it may or may not have today! Trust us, your date will thank you!