Home Mold Inspection: How to Determine if You Have a Mold Problem? – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Owning a home is a great accomplishment and one that you should be very proud of, especially in the tough times that we face as a country today.  But when owning a home, it is important that you know what problems you may face regarding potential home repairs. A hot button issue, especially in areas that have the perfect conditions for it, like the northeastern United States., is mold.

Mold’s purpose, other than ruining the loaf of bread that you were going to use to make a PB&J, is to breakdown dead, organic matter. So knowing this information, think about what homes are made of. If you guessed dead, organic matter, you would be correct! So if conditions are right, your home is the perfect place for mold to grow, and just like you do not want fuzzy bread, you do not want mold in your home.

So how can you tell if mold is growing in your home?

Some of the signs of mold growth are obvious. Mold is often visible, especially in places that have been directly touched by water. For example, if your home has a leak of any kind and water is touching the surface, because the leak is providing a constant supply of water, the area never dries and you will be able to see the discoloration that is caused by mold growth. Other cases create environments where mold will actually start to grow on your personal belongings from furniture to clothing.


Other instances of in home mold require further testing, and you may not even know you are suffering from the problem. If you start to notice a strange odor in your home, one that is musty or reminiscent of mildew, you might have some mold growth within the structure of your house. One of the scarier facts regarding mold that you can smell but not see is the fact that you will have no idea until you remove wall coverings, etc. just how severe the situation is.

Regardless of whether you see mold or you smell it, it is crucial that you get your home tested. Mold cleanup is not only important for the aesthetic environment of your house, but also for your health and the structural integrity of your home. Breathing in mold spores can affect young children, allergy sufferers, those who are immune compromised, and if the mold is bad enough, perfectly healthy adults. Mold can also ruin expensive items in your home, as well as cause thousands of dollars in building material damage. Getting your home tested for mold now can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

If you are seeing or smelling mold in your home, call a professional for a mold inspection as soon as possible. With proper testing and removal, you will be able to save your health, money, and peace of mind. Make sure that whoever you choose to call for your potential mold removal/remediation is certified. Knowing that mold grows and the places it grows is often not enough. Having knowledge of the actual chemistry involved with both the mold growth as well as how the products used for cleanup will react to the mold is crucial for proper mold remediation. A mold inspector without this knowledge puts you at risk for an incomplete or improperly done job.