The basics of our commercial mold remediation services

commercial mold remediation servicesCommercial mold remediation services may sound like such a drastic solution for a mold problem in your facility. Maybe it sounds like an extreme reaction to what seems to be a little problem–some dark patches on the ceiling, or maybe a thin coat of mold on the wall in the staff bathroom.

Well, if you’ve read our articles on indoor air quality, you know that mold is not as bad as the media makes it out to be but it can be a very real threat to your indoor air quality, even in very small amounts. But hiring a professional mold remediation service seems like a pretty big step for a problem it looks like you can wipe away with a rag, right? Wrong.

Many facilities management professionals have dealt with mold and realized that they really don’t have enough knowledge to take care of it. In some cases, when dealing with non-porous surfaces, mold remediation can be done with some household cleaning supplies and a rag. But many of our clients find that the mold problem they thought they had was not the mold problem they actually had. The real mold problem was hidden from their eyesight.

Mold can be present without a facilities manager ever knowing, and the thin dusting of mold you see around the sink could just be the tip of the iceberg. Mold can grow in cavities in walls and ceilings, or anywhere a building has dampness.That dark patch in your work environment that you keep wiping away but that keeps coming back? That could be the symptom of a larger problem.

If you’ve read our article on the importance of air testing you know that commercial mold remediation services can help your mold problem with advanced equipment that can discover mold wherever it is hiding, and to test the quality of your air to discover if you need it cleaned of dangerous mold. But the real value of commercial mold remediation services lies in the remediation process that those companies can supply. Read on to discover exactly what you’re getting when you hire Advanced Mold Diagnostics for mold remediation services.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics’ Commercial Mold Remediation Services

You Get a Company With a History of Mold Inspection Expertise.

It’s important to note that Advanced Mold Diagnostics did not always provide commercial mold remediation services. Before we expanded into this critical arena decades ago, we performed extensive, minimally-invasive mold inspections for many homes and builders such as KHovnanian, Toll Brothers, and Pulte in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. A lot of the work we did in inspection was screening houses and work environments after mold remediation had supposedly done their work to see if the mold was really gone. Unfortunately, we found a lot of sub-standard work and shoddy mold removal jobs. That was when we decided to branch out into mold remediation: to do the job properly the first time, and save our customers a huge amount of time, effort, and money. When you hire Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you are hiring a company with a decades-long commitment to seeing those mold tests come up clean.

You Get A Company With The Skills To Repair The Damage. When mold impacts a building, it is not enough to just clean the mold out. It’s imperative to determine the causation and the extent of the mold growth. This mold remediation process is not rocket science, it is simply a matter of attention to detail. Advanced Mold Diagnostics also has decades of experiences in the building sciences. With our background in construction, we can also rebuild any areas impacted by microbial growth. When you hire Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you are hiring a company that can see the project through from start to finish.

When you hire Advanced Mold Diagnostics, you’re not just hiring us for commercial mold remediation services. Advanced Mold Diagnostics can take care of the whole mold problem from start to finish, with a promise of the highest standard of service all the way through. Give us a call at 1-800-642-8305, or visit our website, to set up an appointment today.