Maintaining a safe, healthy, and clean workplace is imperative for business owners of any size.  However, when moisture sneaks in and remains undetected, mold can begin to grow. There are over 100,000 species of mold in the world. Among these, many do not pose a dramatic health hazard, but even mild mold can cause symptoms in those who have preexisting conditions that make them sensitive to mold.  Add to that the potential for mold to spread, and to cause an unpleasant odor in your workplace, it becomes clear something has to be done about it; it may be time to call a mold removal contractor for business testing or remediation.

Signs of Mold

The following signs might be a good indication that you have mold growing in your workplace:mold removal contractor for business

  • Moldy smell, especially one that gets worse with the heat or air condition on
  • White and gauzy, fuzzy looking growth
  • Small, clustered black spots
  • Orange, pink, or purple discoloration behind vinyl wallpaper
  • Peeling, bubbles, or cracking in wallpaper or stucco
  • Signs of previous or present water damage

Who To Contact

If you have noticed any of the above signs, or an increase of mold-allergy symptoms, you should consider calling a mold removal contractor for business, to get an inspection.  Some mold can be dealt with using simple do-it yourself remedies.  However, when it comes to the integrity of your business and ensuring that you fully remove all mold, it is important to get professional advice and possible assistance.

The Mold Removal Contractor for Businesses Like Yours

Advanced Mold Diagnostics is a full service mold testing and mold company.  With over 25 years of experience in mold remediation and related fields, they can do more than just wipe away the visible mold in your business.  Instead, they can find the source of your mold problem, work to make sure that it does not recur, and return your building to its original condition.

What to Expect When You Call

When you call a mold removal contractor for business inspection and remediation, you should not immediately receive scare tactics attached to a sales pitch.  Many molds pose little danger and can be easily removed, so a good mold remediation service will begin by gathering as much information as possible to determine the extent of your problem.  If the problem can be dealt with on your own, they will offer advice about the best way to protect your property and employees.

If it sounds as though your business requires professional assistance, they will schedule an on-site testing.  From there, they will determine what type of remediation and restoration is necessary and work quickly and professionally to resolve your business’s mold problem.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics follows the above steps when you reach out to us about a potential mold problem. For more information, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics today!