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Finding mold in your basement is certainly not uncommon, and yet, discovering it can still leave you with a somewhat queasy feeling. It looks and smells unpleasant and may seem like a challenge to remove entirely. Instead of simply cleaning tips, which only reach the surface of the problem, you need to know how to kill mold in your basement once and for all. Fortunately, at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, our experts offer solutions for basement mold problems on every level.

How to Kill Mold in Your Basement With Household Products

how to kill mold in your basementIf the mold in your basement is only affecting a small area, less than 5 feet, and no one in your household is at risk for health complications due to mold, you may be able to resolve the problem with simple household products. The extent to which this is effective will depend, in part, on what sorts of surfaces the mold is growing on. If it has appeared on non-porous surfaces like a tile floor or metal pipes, start by using soap and hot water. Then, a bleach-based cleaning product can be used to fully kill the mold. For a chemical-free solution, you can also try white vinegar. Whatever cleaning product you use, make sure to completely dry the washed area when you are finished to prevent any future growth.

If the affected surfaces are porous, such as fabric on furniture, cardboard boxes, or even insulation, you will need to try a different approach. Some materials, like fabrics, can be washed with hot water and soap. Others, however, you may have to simply discard.

When to Call in the Professionals

Often, when you are wondering how to kill mold in your basement, it has spread to an area larger than 5 square feet. This would be one case in which you should call a professional mold remediation service, such as Advanced Mold Diagnostics. Even if you don’t know the full extent of the mold growth, but suspect it has affected the walls, insulation, or other porous surfaces, it is important to get a professional mold inspection. At AMD, not only do we know how to kill mold in your basement, but we also know where and how to look to ensure that we get it all, for good.

How to Prevent Further Basement Mold Growth

Another important aspect of professional mold remediation is future prevention. Mold grows in areas where moisture accumulates, and in basements, this can be the result of flooding, leaks, or even uncontrolled humidity. Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you waterproof your basement against future moisture damage and potential mold growth, ensuring that your home stays clean and safe for years to come.