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Mold growth is inevitable in most homes. Whether you leave your bread out too long and it starts to become a science project or you have a more serious moisture issue that is causing mold to grow on the surfaces of your home, it is a substance that no one wants creeping and crawling all over their things. So, how do you know you have enough mold to warrant the use of residential mold removal services? Here are a few telltale signs that will help you decide if it is the right time for you to call on a professional mold removal service.

3 Signs That You Should Call the Residential Mold Removal Services

1)   You Have Excess Moisture in Your HomeResidential Mold Removal Services

You may be asking yourself what having excess moisture means? Having excess moisture means that the humidity level of your home is high due to the inability of moisture to escape. This is especially common in basements where there are no cracks or crevices to the outside world that the air can escape from. Chances are that if you aren’t taking the proper steps to keep the humidity level in your home at a low level, you might be developing a mold problem.

In many cases when there is excess moisture in the home, mold is growing from the inside of the home, out. This  means  that you may not even see the mold growth that  you are suffering from until it becomes a serious problem. Sure, there are quick fixes to get rid of this mold temporarily, but in order to say goodbye to the mold caused by excess moisture for good, you need to employ residential mold removal services to take care of the problem.

2)   You Have Experienced a Disaster Causing Mold Growth

Those of us who live in areas that are frequently affected by natural disasters that result in flooding, hearing about residential mold growth caused by standing water is very common. But, did you know that mold can start growing in homes with severe water damage within 48 hours of the of the excess waters arrival? This means that in order to avoid a more serious, and more costly problem in the future, you need to call upon residential mold removal services to take care of the cleanup once the clouds pass on, or the water recedes.

3)   That One Spot Just Keeps Coming Back

For many homeowners, especially those who live in homes that are slightly aged, it is common to notice a few dark spots here and there. These spots may be  on your ceiling or wall in your bathroom, kitchen, or other rooms. These spots are easy to remove on your own, generally speaking, and can generally be knocked out with a home remedy or two. But what happens when you hit the spot with some white wine vinegar to kill off the growth, and a few weeks later the spot is right back where it was, dark and alive as ever?

If you have recurring dark spots, you could be facing a more serious mold problem than you think. You may be in need of  residential mold removal services from a professional to not only get rid of the mold growth, but also determine where the mold is coming from, and stop it at the source.

Please remember there is no mold growth that is too small for a professional’s opinion. Residential mold growth is unpleasant and can potentially be dangerous to you and your family after prolonged exposure, which is why it is crucial for you to call a professional as soon as possible to prevent long term effects.

If you find that your home is suffering from abnormal mold growth, it is time to call a professional for residential mold removal services. A professional will be able to remove the mold and tell you where the mold is coming from. They will also ensure that the mold does not spread or come back if their services are done properly meaning that once the mold is gone, you get back your peace of mind, and can get back to doing the things that you love the most in your home such as entertaining.