Mold in Crawl Space Can Indicate Bigger Problems

Basements, and especially crawl spaces, are notorious for being unpleasant places.  Often they are dark, musty storage areas that we rarely venture in, unless it is to change out the boxes of seasonal decorations.  So, it is not altogether unsurprising that mold in crawl space areas often go undetected or unaddressed.  Even if you do notice the unpleasant smell or off-color growth that indicates the presence of mold, you may be tempted simply to let it be.  After all, you’re only down here once or twice a year, right?

Although mold in crawl space areas might seem innocuous, it is imperative that you consider the cause of the mold and investigate the true extent of the damage.  The experts at Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you assess–and remediate–mold and its cause safely and efficiently.

What Does Mold in Crawl Space Basements Mean?

mold in crawl spaceMold is a fungus that requires an accumulation of moisture to flourish.  Often, it turns up in hidden, damp places that we do not think to check.  Basements and crawl spaces are ideal mold growth locations in part for this reason.  If you discover mold in crawl space areas of your home, you know right away you have a problem.  Excess moisture is getting into your basement and lingering, with no way out.  Perhaps it is flooding or cracked cement that is letting water in when conditions worsen outdoors.  Either way, waterproof paint or other basic solutions are insufficient to keep your space dry and mold free.

What Should You Do About It?

Your basement and the foundation of your home is no place to turn a blind eye when it comes to water damage. Even if it has not yet caused mold growth, puddles or damp spots in the floor or walls indicate a need for effective basement waterproofing before the problem worsens.  Depending on where the water is coming in, your solution may range from crack repair to installing a French Drain waterproofing system.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics

You can have confidence in the more than 25 years of experience our team brings to each and every project at Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  With a wide background in mold, construction, and health, we can assist you every step of the way, from mold assessment to remediation, and even basement waterproofing.

We are here to help, not to sell you unnecessary services.  All of our employees are salaried, so no one will pressure you to make a decision just to receive commission.  Instead, when we come to assess your problem, we will tell you honestly if it requires professional help or if it can be resolved on your own.  Our goal is to provide you excellent service from start to finish.

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