Find out the importance of selection a mold detection company who has extensive experience working in dialysis centers like yours.

As the owner or manager of a dialysis center, you may already be aware that facilities like yours have a unique predisposition to problems with mold growth.  Because of the continual presence of moisture throughout your practice, as well as the intense amount of focus your patients require, mold can often go on developing without notice for a while.  For this reason, it is important to regularly schedule mold detection services.

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However, did you know that some mold assessment and remediation companies have unique experience when it comes to dialysis centers like yours?  Advanced Mold Diagnostics has provided assessment and/ or remediation services for over 150 dialysis facilities like yours in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Expertise like this can make a big difference in the services you receive during your mold detection services.

Generic Mold Detection Services

A standard mold assessment service with no experience in dialysis facilities, will most likely continue to follow its usual practices and procedures from start to finish.  Often, this can mean that they just check the locations where mold typically grows in homes or commercial buildings.  Additionally, without any understanding of the nature of the work, both the assessment and remediation processes may be performed in a way that is disruptive to your patients.

Assessment From Dialysis Center Experts

The mold detection services that you will receive from experts with experience in dialysis centers is a far cry from the previous description.  For example, at Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we have provided service to over 150 dialysis centers. Because we know both the processes and set up of facilities like yours, we are often able to detect mold that would have otherwise remained hidden.

Additionally, after years in the field, we have a strong understanding of the work you are doing in your facility, and we respect that while we work.  From our efficiency, quietness, and professionalism to using the best possible containment methods, we do all of our work with your mission in mind.  We are partners to help you better serve your patients.

Contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics

If you manage or work in a dialysis facility, you know how important it can be to seek out mold detection services. Rather than settle for a generic–and disruptive–assessment, contact the experienced team at Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  We’ll work with you to help you better serve your patients.  Contact us today to begin your assessment with an initial over the phone consultation by calling 1-610-328-4350.

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