As a homeowner, you are certainly interested in the well being of your home and those who dwell within it. You want to do all that you can to make your home comfortable and safe. Of all the things that can plague a home, mold is one that you can have a handle on. The last thing you want to be is ignorant of the mold situation in your house. Fortunately, you can be on top of things when it comes to mold because there are a variety of mold detection methods that you can implement in order to be aware of any potential mold situations in your home.

Four Simple Mold Detection Methods:

  1. mold detection    Recognize typical symptoms. One of the most basic ways to detect harmful mold growth in your home is to identify the typical symptoms of mold exposure among you and your family. If the inhabitants of your home are continually experiencing nasal congestion, respiratory issues, headaches, skin, eye or throat irritations, or any sort of sinus problems, you may have mold in your house. If these health issues are unusual and unceasing, it is even more likely that the cause is mold hiding somewhere in your home. Mold has the ability to create an allergic reaction in any of us. Some are more sensitive and susceptible.
  2.    Recognize typical causes.  Because mold needs moisture to grow, the usual cause for mold has something to do with water or excessive moisture/humidity. Therefore, if you have recently experienced flooding, leaking, or even high humidity, there is a chance that the mold spores in your home have taken the opportunity to grow.
  3.    Do not disregard visible growth. The easiest method of mold detection is to simply see the mold. If mold (or signs of mold such as discoloration) is visible in your home, do not disregard it. Perform a DIY remediation on the infected area or call a specialist if the problem is out of your control.
  4.    Call a specialist. The most surefire method of mold detection is to call a company who has focus and expertise in this very area. Advanced Mold Diagnostics offers free phone consultations as well as thorough inspections and mold testing that you can trust in.

Regardless of the method you choose to detect mold in your home, if you do find that mold growth is an issue, be sure to call a reliable mold remediation company like Advanced Mold Diagnostics. With years of experience, the trust of our customers, and confidence in our expertise, AMD is a remediation company to which you can trust the safety and well-being of your home!