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As we have discussed before, the incidents of childhood asthma based around mold growth  are at an all time high and the number of diagnosed cases seems to be increasing. While any child can be affected with asthma at anytime based on genetic factors or environmental triggers, there seems to be more and more evidence that those who grow up in poverty are more than likely to come down with the chronic breathing condition.

Why are the poor more susceptible to asthma? Scientists have recently linked the appearance of the common pests and allergens that seem to more often plague the homes of the less fortunate to actually causing asthma like symptoms whereas those with more money can afford to keep these things out of their homes. Mold growth is just one of these factors as the mold spores in the air can have a serious effect on breathing. Rodents living in the home as well as roaches and other household pests can have the same triggering effects, not to mention many low income families live in communities that share like conditions and are often in locations that are heavily polluted.

For those of us in the Philadelphia area, it is heartbreaking to hear that the poorer areas of town have extremely high diagnosed cases of asthma in both children and adults. In two of our poorest zip codes, the rates of those affected by asthma were 40% and 47% which equates to almost half of those living in the areas. These numbers are staggering, and unfortunately, in-home mold growth is often the culprit in not only causing this condition, but also triggering life-threatening attacks.


What does this tell us? Well, for starters, for those of us who do not suffer from impoverished conditions, it is crucial that we keep our homes mold and pest free. As we continue to state over and over again, mold growth is often inevitable in our homes as mold thrives off of the very materials that we use to build our dwellings, but we can prevent situations that exacerbate mold growth or create unhealthy living conditions by having mold testing and mold removal completed on our homes. Pests should be treated in the same manner.

But what about those who can’t afford mold remediation or even a simple inspection? Those who are suffering are often those who are renting, and more frequently than not, renting from landlords who are not as careful with their rental properties as they are with their own homes. Lobbying on behalf of these families that are forced to live in these conditions for stricter landlord/tenant laws as well as more strict health code inspections and punishments for those who do not comply is a start. Asthma is an awful condition and if there are ways that we can prevent our children from suffering from such a terrible illness, we should take full advantage of them.

For more information on what you can do to prevent these conditions in your own home, call your local mold remediation contractor. He or she can provide you with helpful information on how to keep your home safe from mold growth.