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Advanced Mold Diagnostics provides the mold removal services that many dialysis centers rely on.

If you work in a dialysis center, you know just how important it is to keep these facilities clean and sanitary.  Because many of the patients treated within have compromised immune systems, any undetected bacteria or contaminants could be a significant problem.  Although you and your team do your best to minimize risks, dialysis centers have a unique predisposition to mold problems because of the processes used in reverse osmosis, bi carb and acid.  When mold growth does occur, it is important to find mold removal services that can address the unique needs of your facility.  As a mold remediation team experienced in this field, Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help.

Mold Removal Services

The Challenge: Unseen Mold Growth

Your patients require reverse osmosis water that has gone through an extensive cleaning process to remove gram negative bacteria and pathogens.  Unfortunately, although the water becomes safe and clean through this process, the same can not be said for the areas surrounding its storage and transfers.  As with any situation in which water is stored and moved about, there are endless chances for leaks and spills to occur.  When these go unattended, the accumulated moisture can create the ideal area for mold growth. Problems most often occur in these areas:

  • Water treatment room
  • Treatment floor/ Dialyzing stations
  • Acid prep room
  • Reuse room
  • Equipment repair room
  • Isolation room

The Solution: Mold Removal Services

When mold growth does occur in your dialysis center, it is important to contact a professional for mold removal services as soon as possible.  Mold remediation, another term for mold removal, actually goes above and beyond simply cleaning up the microbial growth.  It also works to restore the property to a normal condition and assess and resolve the problems or defects which initially allowed the moisture problem to develop in the first place.  When such services are performed by experts in the field, you can have confidence that you have restored the safety and sanitation that your patients require.

Advanced Mold Diagnostics

At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we have extensive experience providing mold removal services to dialysis centers like yours.  Through the use of thermal imaging, laser particle counters, VOC meters, and inspection, we can assess the extent of mold growth that has occurred and then work efficiently and discreetly to resolve the issue.  With over 25 years of applied experience in mold removal, indoor air quality, building science, and construction defects, we have experience that you can have confidence in to restore your dialysis center.  For more information about our mold remediation services, or to receive a quote, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.

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