What You Need To Know About Mold Inspection PA Residents Trust – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

If you are still trying to figure out how to approach the problem of mold growth in your home or basement, beginning with a mold inspection will be one of your best options.  Rather than guessing about where the mold has come from and how far it has spread, find out for sure from a trusted professional like Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  As the source for mold inspection PA has trusted for over 25 years, we are here to answer all of your mold testing questions.

What is a Mold Inspection?

mold inspection PAA mold inspection, also sometimes lumped together with an indoor air quality assessment or mold testing, goes beyond determining whether or not there is mold present.  When scheduling a comprehensive mold inspection PA residents can also expect to learn what the root cause is, how far the mold has spread, and what measures should be taken to resolve the problem and keep it from recurring.

Typically, the process will begin with the mold inspector gathering background information on the issues you have experienced in your home, both past and present.  This will help the inspector determine where and how to investigate.  Then, on site, the mold expert will do a thorough interior and exterior investigation, looking both for mold and for cracks or damage that may allow for moisture intrusion and accumulation.  Because mold grows best in areas with excess moisture, these may be the sites of future growth.  Additionally, the indoor air quality may be tested.  Your inspector will then explain the results of the testing to you.

Is All Mold Testing the Same?

Mold inspection and testing may vary depending on your situation.  For this reason, the inspector should spend some time getting to know you and your experiences over the phone before scheduling an on-site visit.  This way, they will be able to advise you about what sorts of tests would be most useful, and which ones won’t be necessary.

Mold Inspection PA Trusts

When it comes to choosing a service, it is important to find someone who has the experience and expertise to do the job right.  First and foremost, make sure that your inspector has the necessary certifications, including moisture analysis and building envelope inspection.  Additionally, an experienced inspector will be better able to identify sources of potential or even hidden problems that may not typically be detected.

For these qualities and more, turn to the mold inspection PA trusts. Advanced Mold Diagnostics has been the local mold expert in the tri-state area for decades, combining the varied experiences of indoor air quality and building sciences.

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