Discover the questions you absolutely must ask to choose the right mold testing company.

How often do you have to hire a mold testing company?  Probably not very often!  In fact, you may not have even considered such services before.  However, now that the smell or even the sight of mold has come to your attention in your home or building, you know it is time to take action.  At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we believe professional tests are always a better option than at-home, DIY testing kits.  Professional results are more thorough and reliable, giving you a better start in the quest to remove mold from your home or building.

Mold Testing Company

Though, once you have decided to contact a professional mold testing company to come to your home or building, how do you decide who to call?  Without prior experience in the field of mold testing, you may not know what to look for.  So, the professionals at Advanced Mold Diagnostics are here to help with the questions you need to ask any mold company before you hire them.

What Will My Mold Testing Involve?

Make sure you get the facts about what “mold testing” means to each company you talk to.  Are they simply running samples of mold through a test?  Or are they inspecting and evaluating the entire situation, looking for causes and further damage?  Will they help you to understand your test results and advise you about next steps, or are you on your own once you have received your information?

Some companies offer a few different types of mold testing services.  If so, discuss which option would be best for your situation.  A good mold testing company will take time over the phone to talk with you and understand the suspected mold in your home or building.

Is Your Mold Testing Team Certified?

Simply knowing your way around a moldy basement or even having the right testing equipment is not enough to provide the full services you should expect from a mold testing company.  Instead, look for professional certifications alongside their experience to ensure that you are getting the expert service you deserve in your home or building. Be sure you understand the difference between a team that has “a certification” and one that is “board certified.”

What Do Other Clients Have to Say About Your Mold Testing Company?

Finally, make sure you are asking each company for a client’s perspective of their services.  Check out their ratings, testimonials, and reviews.  The business you hire will most likely be coming into your home or building to perform their tests; make sure that this is a team you can rely on and can trust to be professional, respectful, and efficient as they do their work.

As you check out a variety of mold testing companies, don’t forget to call Advanced Mold Diagnostics for some of the best services around.

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