AMD explains why using bleach for mold treatment is a bad idea.

When you see a bit of mold beginning to grow in your home, your first thought might be to grab a bottle of bleach. When it comes to do it yourself mold remediation, bleach has been a popular product to use. While it can be effective in killing mold under certain conditions, bleach is actually not the smartest choice for mold clean up.

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There are a number of other products and methods that can be used to clean mold that are much more effective and safe. Of course, the most surefire way to treat mold is to receive a mold inspection residents can trust from Advanced Mold Diagnostics. Our mold inspections for Moorestown homes and buildings have proven to yield the most successful and safe results for mold treatment.

There are times, however, when professional services are not needed and you can deal with the mold on your own. In these cases, it will be in your best interest to avoid the use of bleach. Here are a few reasons why, followed by some good alternatives.

3 Reasons to Avoid Bleach – Mold Inspection Moorestown

  1.    You can never be sure of the strength of the bleach. Over time, chlorine bleach actually loses its potency. This can happen at a rapid pace. The chlorine evaporates and thus decreases the effectiveness of the bleach. Since it can be difficult to determine how long a bottle of chlorine bleach may have been sitting on a store shelf or in your closet, you really have no way of knowing the strength of this weapon in your fight against mold.
  2.    Bleach is only a surface level, short-term fix. Mold spores penetrate somewhat into most of the surfaces on which mold grows. Unfortunately, bleach does not have the ability to follow the spores into the same depths. The chlorine is unable to breach the surface, while the water runs down into it. Because of this, bleach use can actually fuel mold growth because it provides more moisture inside porous surfaces. Thus, bleach might look like it is an effective mold killer because it can take care of the growth that is visible on the surface. However, it is more than likely that the use of bleach is actually feeding the mold.
  3.    Bleach is toxic. One of the main reasons you will want to clean up mold is because it can have negative affects on your health. So, it doesn’t make much sense to use a product to clean it up that can potentially have even worse effects on your health.

On top of providing a mold inspection Moorestown can trust in, Advanced Mold Diagnostics likes to provide helpful information for you to take care of mold on your own. So, here are some alternative methods of remediating mold on your own.

The most important part about taking care of mold on your own is to make sure you are dealing not only with the mold, but also with the cause of the mold. Thus, you will want to take care of any flooding, leaking, or any form of built up moisture. You will also want to make sure there is an adequate amount of ventilation in your home or building.

In regard to actual treatment, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, soap, and a number of essential oils have been used with positive results. And of course, the most proper and often necessary treatment is to get a mold inspection Moorestown residents can rely on, followed by the necessary remediation services.

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