If your home or business has developed a mold problem, you may be on the search for a mold remediation service.  Although not all molds are inherently dangerous, many can still cause health problems for “at-risk” people, including infants, those with asthma, and those susceptible to respiratory illness.  If you think you have a mold problem your first step should be to contact a certified mold remediation contractor.

What is a Certified Mold Remediation Contractor?

A certified mold remediation contractor offers comprehensive services that help you to improve the indoor air quality of your home or business through mold inspection, testing, and removal services. Additionally they may work to restore any damage caused by the mold in an effort  to restore the structure to its original integrity.

One of the most important aspects of their work is to resolve the problem which initially allowed mold growth to occur.  In addition to a mold remediator certification, a quality contractor should be able to offer further certifications including, Council Certified Microbial Remediation and Moisture Analysis and Quality Control certifications.

What Makes a Good Mold Remediation Contractor?certified mold remediation contractor

In addition to credentials, a certified mold remediation contractor should be willing to offer a variety of supportive services, rather than just a one-size-fits-all solution to mold problems.  Often, mold can be removed by the homeowner, and a good contractor will offer instruction and advice if this is the case.  A mold remediation contractor should also be able to offer specialized services for basement waterproofing, stucco moisture mapping, and testing of both mold type and air quality.  Furthermore, it is important to find a contractor and company with significant experience not only in mold remediation, but also in related fields like air quality and building forensics.

Your Choice in Mold Testing and Remediation

When it comes to finding a certified mold remediation contractor who fits the above description, Advanced Mold Diagnostics stands out as the clear choice. With over 25 years of experience in mold remediation and related fields, as well as a variety of relevant services, you can trust that your mold problems will be resolved with expertise.  Furthermore, AMD seeks to avoid the hype that the media often portrays about “deadly mold”; instead, they will investigate the mold problem you actually have before advising whether professional remediation is necessary.

Few other mold remediation businesses can offer such a combination of client-centered service and experienced expertise.  If you think you need mold removal services, please contact AMD today!