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During your initial contact with Advanced Mold Diagnostics we will utilize our screening process to help you decide which service is best suited to your needs. If a recommendation is made for a Mold Inspection then one of our mold inspectors will perform an Indoor Air Quality Assessment and this is what you can expect:

  • Upon arrival the AMD representative will go over an extensive packet of useful information regarding mold, mold testing, & mold remediation. Exposure to mold and how mold might affect your health will also be discussed. This useful information will be left with you.
  • Next we will gather client background information in a comprehensive survey including medical history and past and present incidents that might have led to mold growth as well as any issues of concern and or impact from exposure to mold.
  • While equipment is turned on and allowed to acclimate an outside inspection will be performed looking at particular problem areas such as:
    • Grading and landscaping
    • Gutters, downspouts and drainage systems
    • The type of construction and exterior cladding system, i.e. brick, stucco, EIFS, stone, siding, etc.
    • The type and condition of the windows
    • Roof/attic issues, especially ventilation
  • The interior inspection will focus on many areas and consist of some or all of the following:Laser particle counter readings throughout building, logging and comparing to outside reference.
    • Measuring total VOC levels with a PID monitor
    • Monitoring for specific gases such as:
      • Carbon Dioxide
      • Carbon Monoxide
      • Ozone
      • Radon
      • Benzene
      • Ammonia
      • Formaldehyde
  • Visual inspection of all accessible areas looking for areas of moisture and or mold growth
  • Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters
  • Thermal imaging of interior wall cavities– will be an additional charge.
  • Certified Mold Detection Dogs – will be an additional charge
  • Once the interior and exterior inspection is complete the AMD representative will sit down and go over recommended mold testing sampling protocols with client before sampling is executed.
  • Extensive report detailing findings with a definitive answer to causation of mold and scope of work (detailed set of instructions as to what to do for mold removal) will be prepared and sent out within seven to ten business days.

What you can expect with a Moisture Mapping Survey:

This is a non-invasive survey usually utilized in Stucco Inspections

WME (wood moisture equivalent) readings of blind side of sheathing will be taken at each accessible miter joint and under every accessible windowsill. These readings will be taken by:

  • Assessing where framing members and electrical connections are
  • Creating pilot holes for moisture probes
  • Assessing interior wall cavity and sheathing temperature in order to properly calibrate meters.
  • Drive pins into sheathing to determine if moisture is penetrating weather resistant barrier.

As a Pennsylvania, PA mold testing company we will employ certified mold inspectors to perform your mold inspection. We also use mold inspectors to perform mold inspections and mold remediation in New Jersey, NJ.

If you need an expert in mold testing or mold remediation (or any of the services above) please give us a call (610) 328-4350 or complete the Contact Us form. We look forward to working with you soon!

Advanced Mold Diagnostics is the mold inspection, mold removal and stucco inspection expert in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware!

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