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Advanced Mold Diagnostics services encompass a wide variety of options in order to serve the needs of the general public. An indoor air quality assessment to determine not just whether there is mold present or not, but to look for the root cause, how far it’s spread and what it’s going to take to correct it is usually what is called for.

Sometimes the situation requires very little and can be served by just sampling for mold alone. If the problem and the location of the suspected mold are very obvious then this might be an option.

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Comprehensive Mold Inspection:

Mold testing as described above differs from a mold inspection by our expert mold inspectors in many ways. During a mold inspection our expert mold inspectors start by:

  • Gathering client background information in a comprehensive survey including medical history and past & present issues of concern.
  • Doing a thorough inspection of the exterior of the property looking at such issues as:
    • grading and landscaping
    • exterior cladding, i.e. brick, stucco, stone, siding etc
    • windows – type and condition
    • roof/attic issues especially ventilation
  • The interior inspection will focus on many areas just some of which are detailed below:
    • Visibly inspecting interior for moisture intrusion and any growth.
    • Utilizing PID Monitors to measure for VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) because maybe the odor is not mold.
    • Using sensors to measure Carbon Dioxide levels.
    • Using sensors to measure Carbon Monoxide levels.
    • Measuring the ozone levels
    • Possibly testing for radon levels.
    • Using hand held Laser Particle Counter Readers.
    • Penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters.
    • Thermal Imaging – maybe an additional charge depending on how many images are required.
    • Certified Mold Detection Dog – will be an additional charge.
    • Recommended sampling protocol (mold testing) is written up and reviewed with client before sampling for mold is executed.
    • Execution of recommended sampling.
    • Extensive report detailing findings with a definitive answer and scope of work (detailed set of instructions as to what to do)

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