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There are three options for our Stucco Inspection Services

  • Visual Stucco Inspection – Basic, non-invasive, beneficial for real estate transactionsStucco Inspection Services
  • Interior Moisture Mapping – Less Invasive
  • Exterior Stucco Inspection – Most Comprehensive & Common

A Visual Stucco Inspection service is most common when someone is considering the purchase of a stucco home. They are aware of the potential problems that can exist with stucco clad homes. A visual stucco inspection is also good for a homeowner who is concerned with maintaining their stucco exterior and would like advice on what signs to look for that may lead to stucco repairs in the future. What our visual stucco inspection includes is:

  • Detailed information on stucco cladding systems and their accessories.
  • A visual stucco inspection by our certified stucco inspector or certified EIFS inspector who will walk with you and point out over 30 areas that can be problematic and cause a need for stucco repairs.
  • A detailed written report of the stucco inspector’s findings concerning your stucco inspection and any stucco damage suspected along with recommendations he may make for maintenance of your stucco home or stucco repairs that may be necessary.
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Interior Moisture Mapping is an option that many homeowners choose when they think they may have stucco damage, stucco installation concerns, stucco repair issues or are not sure if they have moisture penetrating their stucco exterior. They may have water coming in around one or two windows causing mold growth and they’re unsure as to whether their stucco siding is the problem. Our interior moisture mapping stucco inspection includes:

  • Detailed information on stucco cladding systems and their accessories.
  • Moisture meter readings taken underneath all accessible windows and around entry doors.
  • A visual inspection by our certified stucco inspector who will point out any areas of concern on the interior of your home and may make recommendations, if necessary, for further investigating of your stucco home.
  • Certified Infrared Thermography will be utilized to detect areas of water penetration and areas possibly needing mold testing and or mold removal.
  • A detailed written report of all of the readings taken, the stucco inspector’s findings, any stucco damage and any stucco repair recommendations he may make dependent on those findings.

The Exterior Stucco Inspection is the most common and comprehensive of our stucco inspection services. This inspection is the best stucco inspection to determine the extent of stucco damage and whether or not your stucco siding system is failing and in need of stucco repairs. Stucco siding systems, cement siding, etc if not installed correctly or properly maintained, can lead to structural damage, stucco repairs, stucco removal and stucco remediation or the need for mold removal.Our exterior stucco inspection service includes:

  • Detailed information on stucco home cladding systems and their accessories along with consultation with one of our certified stucco inspection specialists.
  • A comprehensive visual inspection by our certified stucco inspector or certified EIFS inspector who will point out to you any deficiencies in your stucco home.
  • Moisture meter readings taken underneath every accessible window, all entry doors and underneath where kick-out flashings should be installed.
  • Depending on the level of moisture content, thermal imaging may be used to determine if moisture has penetrated the interior wall cavity of your stucco home which can lead to mold growth and the need for mold remediation.
  • A detailed written report with the stucco inspectors findings along with all of the moisture content readings, as well any thermal images (if any were taken), and recommendations the stucco inspector makes regarding stucco repairs and or stucco removal.
  • If stucco repairs, stucco removal or stucco remediation are recommended, it will then be discussed with the homeowner what steps to take next in repairing the stucco damage.
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With extensive background in the building sciences we have performed hundreds and hundreds of stucco inspections over the past twenty five years. Advanced Stucco InspectionsPerforming stucco removal and stucco repairs on over 400 stucco homes for builders that we had executed the stucco inspection upon gave us a unique perspective that no other stucco inspection service company can offer. We had the opportunity to match up what we found on the stucco inspection with the stucco damage we uncovered in the stucco remediation service. The work we’ve done for stucco home builders over the years is just one small part of the experience we’ve acquired in doing stucco installation inspection on residential and commercial properties. Below is a list of certifications, but no way does this fully detail the breadth and scope of our experience. Call today to find out how we may help you with your stucco inspection and stucco repair issues.

Advanced Stucco Inspections & Advanced Mold Diagnostics have certifications in the following:

  • Certified Stucco & EIFS Inspector – Exterior Design Institute
  • Stucco & EIFS Inspector – Moisture Warranty Corporation
  • Certified Building Envelope Inspector
  • Certified Moisture Analyst & Quality Control Inspector
  • Building Science Thermography Certification
  • Level One Thermography Certification
  • CMR – Certified Mold Remediator
  • Council Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor
  • Certified Microbial Project Manager
  • Certified Mold Dog Detection Handler
  • Member of International Code Council
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Member of ASTM Committee

If you need an expert in mold testing or mold remediation (or any of the services above) please give us a call (610) 328-4350 or complete the Contact Us form. We look forward to working with you soon!

Advanced Mold Diagnostics is the mold inspection, mold removal and stucco inspection expert in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware!

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