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Advanced Mold Diagnostics, LLC is an environmental consulting company located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. In-home mold growth is something, that by now, especially if you have been following our blog, you should be aware of and is very common. Our homes are basically built out of materials that will act as a feeding ground for microbial […]

Mold growth can happen anywhere, regardless of climate. Mold thrives off of the things that we eat and the materials that we use to build our shelters, and while some locations have more mold issues than others, all of the backlash is the same. We recently found a story that we are sure hits close […]

Mold damage and growth is something that most of us have to deal with, especially in the Philadelphia area where structural basements are popular and the climate has the tendency to be humid. While mold is often times our friend, giving us things such as medicine, great cheeses, and mouth watering wines, but if mold […]

Advanced Mold Diagnostics, LLC is an environmental consulting company located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. It seems that every month, we are told to celebrate something or be aware of something different. We no longer just have the holidays that everyone is used to such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but rather we have a plethora of months, […]

This weekend, everyone’s favorite hallmark holiday will be upon us. Flowers, chocolates, and hearts will surround us in our dealings with significant others. Fancy dinners will commence, movie dates will be had, and many will host a special someone in their homes. Imagine bringing your date home after a nice dinner and gifts to find […]

In a recent special aired by NBC News, the spotlight was turned on to the childhood asthma epidemic and the indoor air quality factors that may be causing it. In their “In Plain Sight” series, NBC was able to spotlight those who are living in low-income conditions, which are often a lot smaller, tighter, and […]

It is basic, common knowledge that breathing in mold is not great for us. Living in a moldy home or working in an office or location that is infested can take a toll on even the best of us. The question is, why? What is it about mold growth that makes it so hazardous to […]

In California, a family was suffering from respiratory problems, nose bleeds, and violent rashes. The only factor that these people could find that was a possible cause of all this suffering was the mold in their home. So what did they do? They decided to burn their house down, because to this suffering family, the […]