Every issue identified by our home mold testing services will be linked to water. Mold is a fungus. And like any other living organism, it needs water and something to feed on in order to grow. It’s why your attic and your basement are the two most likely culprits for mold growth.

The attic and the basement are the two areas of a home that are most difficult for a homeowner to keep dry. Most of these rooms will lack exposure to sunlight and air movement. The attic is usually the most seldom used space in a residence, which often prolongs the detection process by a homeowner. Basements on the other hand are being used more and more nowadays, but if they’re not conditioned you can create a haven for mold growth. Regular checks for moisture can help prevent unnecessary financial damage.

Sometimes an external search of a home is great way to spot the source of a water issue. Identifying cracks in the walls or passageways around the windows will be a dead giveaway to the source of your moisture problem. Also, keep in mind that dampened wood, drywall and insulation are all notorious for breeding mold.

Sometimes, the source is harder to identify. For instance, clogged gutters can cause water to penetrate your home. Facing your sprinklers toward your home could be the culprit. Even having copious amounts of wet mulch against your foundation could be the source of a moisture issue, which will become a mold issue.

Mold Testing

Clogged gutters could be the reason for mold growth in your home.

Another common starting space for mold growth is cardboard. When looking around your basement or attic, ensure that any cardboard boxes used for storage are elevated off of the floor. If possible, make the switch to plastic containers and remove all cardboard boxes. The bottoms of cardboard boxes are known for maintaining moisture that leads to the growth of mold.

If you own a dehumidifier, the readings in your attic or basement should always read below 50%. When a reading is higher, it’s time to call on us for home mold testing. When our experts arrive, they will start by identifying how water is reaching your basement or attic. Once the source is identified, the proper actions will be taken to ensure that water is unable to penetrate your home again.

If mold remediation is needed, containment will be used to stop the spread of mold throughout your home. We will also remove any materials that are contaminated and provide a thorough cleaning of any surface that was prone to mold.

Unfortunately, there is no blanket repair process. The severity of the mold growth will always play a role in determining the next best step. Either way, our home mold testing is the best way to determine if you have a problem.