Advanced Mold Diagnostics offers the best solution to mold in commercial buildings.

The stakes are high when you find mold in commercial buildings for which you are responsible.  You are faced with the necessity to navigate health concerns, the costs of remediation, and even the potentiality for OSHA complaints. A problem that may have been developing over a long period of time requires professional urgency to address.  Fortunately, the experts at  Advanced Mold Diagnostics can provide the comprehensive services and the professionalism you need.

The End of Mold in Commercial Buildings

mold in commercial buildingsAt Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we understand that your first priority is probably to remediate the mold that has been found.  After over 25 years of experience, we have the skills, and the latest technology, to find and remove the mold growth on your property once and for all.

Before we jump into removing mold in commercial buildings, we believe that it is important to begin with an inspection in order to identify all of the mold growth sites, as well as their root causes.  It doesn’t make sense to just clean up the mold that is obvious if recurring moisture problems are going to facilitate new growth.  So, after finding the mold and its causes, we work to remove the growth while also resolving the leak, crack, or other source of moisture that caused it in the first place.

More Than Just Mold Remediation

After so many years of experience of removing mold in commercial buildings, we also understand that there are other matters at stake for building owners or property managers like yourself. Throughout the process, we will work with professionalism, efficiency, and neatness to ensure that the work in your building will not impact business operations.  We will also help you to navigate the situation when it comes to addressing OSHA complaints, standards and concerns.  We want to help you keep your business running smoothly throughout the entire process.

Get Started Today

The longer you wait to address mold in commercial buildings, the more costly the situation can become.  Instead of pushing a mold inspection and remediation off for another day, call Advanced Mold Diagnostics today.  During your initial contact, we will use our proprietary screening process to decide whether you need professional services or if it’s something that we can teach your maintenance staff how to address.

Rather than trusting your commercial buildings to other mold remediation providers who lack the experience to provide the comprehensive services you need, turn to Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  You can call us for your initial screening at 1-610-328-4350.