Are you dealing with mold in the worst way? Find out how to fix your approach with the team at Advanced Mold Diagnostics

Is there mold growing in your home or building?  How are you dealing with it?  Hopefully, you have found a better way of dealing with mold than the unfortunate property owners who have taken the courses of action featured below!  Before you make the same mistakes, check out the worst ways of dealing with mold that we have encountered at Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

Dealing With Mold

  • Ignore The Problem
    One of the worst things you can do when you have a mold problem in your home or office building is to ignore it.  Procrastination only makes things a bigger, more expensive issue in the long run. Because mold is a living organism, it will continue to grow as long as the conditions are optimal; often, the same leak or improper ventilation which allowed it to begin will continue to facilitate mold growth.  Ultimately, the longer you wait to address the problem of mold, the more you have to deal with.
  • DIY Disaster
    Is it possible to deal with mold on your own?  In some situations, the answer is yes.  However, at times when the mold has spread to a very large area or if you have an individual in your building who is at risk for an allergic reaction, it is imperative to call for professional help. Otherwise, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed and, potentially, with more of a mess than you began with.
    Before you begin a DIY project, be sure to call for a mold assessment to be sure that it’s the right course of action for you.
  • Subpar Service
    Finally, some property owners make the mistake of choosing the wrong mold remediation services.  If you do not select a professional service with extensive training and experience, you may find yourself in a situation when you have to pay for the same services a second time around.
    Proper mold remediation involves more than just cleaning up the existing mold; it also calls for the resolution of the problem which allowed mold to develop in the first place.   You can avoid this mistake by doing your research about what services a mold removal company provides and executes well.

So, What’s the BEST Way of Dealing With Mold?

Now that you’ve seen some of the mistakes people make when dealing with mold in their home or business, you are probably wondering what the right way is.

First, do your research and find a company you can trust.  Then, begin with a mold assessment to determine whether or not your problem requires professional remediation.  If it does, look for a company like Advanced Mold Diagnostics that has demonstrated experience, professionalism, and an excellent abatement record for over 25 years.

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