The Advanced Mold Diagnostics team wants to help you choose your mold removal company the right way.

Did you know that there is a wrong way to choose a mold removal company?

If you are like many home and office building owners, you have probably assumed that all remediation companies are essentially the same. Picking one, then, is just a matter of personal preference, rather than research.

At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we see these mistakes happen all the time, and we think it is time for a change. We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to hiring a mold remediation company to work on your property.

Mistake #1: Pick The First Mold Removal Company You Find

 Mold Removal Company Okay, we’ll admit it: researching several different mold removal companies may not be the most interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon. That’s why so many people make the mistake of going with the first mold removal company they find.  However, without the chance to compare services, it is impossible to know that you’re making the right choice.

At Advanced Mold Diagnostics, we recommend that you research and even interview a few different companies. This way, you get a better understanding of your options and of which company is actually offering you the best possible service.

Mistake #2: Go With The Cheapest Option

In the world of mold remediation, it is a reality that you get what you pay for. So many property owners want to choose a mold removal company based on the price tag alone.  However, an unreasonably low upfront cost may end up costing you more in the long run when you have to pay for the same service to be done a second time.

Many of the remediation jobs we are called to complete at AMD actually involve redoing the work of some discount remediation company.  On the other hand, we have a 98.4% rate of abatement ensuring that our clients will never have to spend extra to have the same problem fixed again.

Mistake #3: Take The Company’s Word For It

When you are in the midst of comparing various mold remediation companies, each one you look at will make a compelling argument of their own merits.  To get a real insider look at how each company follows through on the promises they make, ask for reviews or testimonials of some of their clients. This way, you’ll find the company that can really deliver.

For example, homeowner Kimberly Piancentio wrote of Advanced Mold Diagnostics:

“Thank you for making my home safe for my babies, my husband, and myself.  I’d recommend you in a heartbeat; you’re knowledgeable, competent, and thorough.”

To schedule a consultation with the mold removal company who will do the job right the first time, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics today by calling 1-610-328-4350.