Mold experts share the facts about mold remediation Ardmore residents like you need.

So you’ve had a mold inspection and gotten the news: you have mold, and it needs to go.  Your mold inspector recommends that you seek out professional remediation services.  In many cases, this is the best option to restore your home or building.  However, before you start calling around, make sure you have all of the facts about mold remediation Ardmore residents need.  What is remediation?  Why do you need a professional to help you?  The mold specialists from Advanced Mold Diagnostics have the answers to these questions and more.

Mold Remediation Ardmore

Remediation is More Than Cleaning

When they hear the phrase mold remediation Ardmore residents often think that this simply means cleaning.  However, there is actually much more to the process!  Mold remediation, when done properly, is a three stage process.  The existing mold is safely removed, ensuring that it does not simply become airborne and settle elsewhere in the home.  Then, the source of the mold is addressed.  Because the fungus only grows when there is a buildup of moisture, remediators should determine its cause–whether a leak, crack, or improper ventilation–and work to resolve that as well.  Finally, your property is restored to its normal condition.


DIY? Or Don’t?

If you search online, you will find endless recommendations about how to clean and remove mold on your own.  With just a few household solutions, many sites say, you can just get the job done yourself.  Although these DIY ideas may sound promising, think twice before you cancel the professional remediation.


If mold has spread to a large area, you most likely will not be able to clean it thoroughly and safely on your own.  You should also consider that there is more to remediation than just cleaning.  When you just clean up the existing growth on your own, without solving the moisture problem, you will almost certainly have to do the job again, later on down the road.  Instead of taking the chance, turn to a professional provider of mold remediation Ardmore trusts.  You can also take this quick Risk Assessment to determine the severity and extent of your mold growth.


Mold Remediation Ardmore Trusts

For years, Advanced Mold Diagnostics has been providing the Ardmore area with reliable mold remediation services.  Our team of specialists have the comprehensive experience to safely remove existing mold as well as to address the structural problems which may have allowed it to develop in the first place.  Because we also perform mold inspections, we know what it takes to find all of the mold growth and remove it safely.

For more information about mold remediation, contact Advanced Mold Diagnostics today at 1-610-328-4350.