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Advanced Mold Diagnostics can help you take ensure the highest level of care for your patients with a professional mold testing.

As a healthcare provider, you understand the importance of a clean and sanitary environment for your patients.  In a dialysis center, this is especially true, as your patients’ compromised immune systems leave them at a greater risk to problems like mold.  Yet, because the dialysis process can be prone to leaks and water damage, mold is a common occurrence in centers like yours.  What are you doing to address this potential risk at your facility?  It is time to discover the difference that can be made by professional mold testing from a service provider with the healthcare industry, such as Advanced Mold Diagnostics.

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The Risks

Although healthcare facilities such as a dialysis center should be among the most sanitary, the fact remains that mold and bacterial growth are a routine problem for them.  The dialysis process requires water cleaned through carbon filters as pretreatment and then reverse osmosis. This system runs in a loop throughout the facility with multiple fittings and connections. With such an intricate system, there are countless opportunities for leaks to occur with the potential to cause water damage and microbial growth.  Additionally, the water and acidic products which are used in this process only compound the risk for water damage which can lead to microbial growth.  Often, these leaks and other water damage occur inside of wall cavities of rooms such as the water treatment room and equipment repair room.  So, while your team is busy attending to patients, mold may be growing out of sight and undetected.


How Mold Testing Can Help

If you have not had your facilities assessed for potential water damage and mold growth, it is important to schedule a professional mold testing soon.  Using technology such as thermal imaging, moisture and VOC meters, along with extensive knowledge of where to look, your mold assessment team can help determine if you have a mold problem and how far it may have spread.  Mold testing like this is an important step to take before scheduling a mold remediation because it ensures that you have found all of the sites of mold growth, as well as the problems which may have contributed to their development.  Without the full picture, you cannot be sure you are fully addressing the problem.


Advanced Mold Diagnostics

If you are uncertain where to turn for a mold assessment that will be tailored to the needs of your dialysis center, turn to Advanced Mold Diagnostics.  Not only does our team bring the years of involvement in mold detection, along with the latest tools and technology, but we are also extensively experienced in the medical field.  Having worked in dialysis centers before, we understand your unique needs for both mold testing and overall quality of service.
For more information about how we can help your facility and patients, contact us today at 1-610-328-4350.

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