Why Mold Testing Is Important For Your Family’s Health and Safety – Advanced Mold Diagnostics

We spend a majority of our time living indoors. Therefore, the quality of air inside a house is very important and directly affects the health and safety of your family, especially young children

Mold tends to grow on organic surfaces that have enough moisture to support growth.  . They typically grow in darker areas and on materials that are constantly exposed to moisture on a regular basis. Basements, bathrooms and damper areas of the house can be more conducive to mold growth. Unfortunately, not all types of molds are visible to the human eyes either. A musty odor is one of your first indicators that mold growth is occurring.

Luckily, professional home mold testing can help detect all traces of visible and invisible mold in a house. By using a combination of techniques, including sampling and lab analysis, it is possible to find the exact species as well as the extent of the mold damage.

How Can Molds Be Harmful?

Advanced Mold Diagnostics

This question is better left to the medical practitoners. With that being said, we can offer some opinions in this forum. Not all types of molds are harmful, but some of them have been known to cause serious medical complications. Most common symptoms are akin to an allergic reaction. They may include itchy, watery eyes, sore throat, congestion, fatigue, and skin rashes. Molds can also trigger asthma attacks. ,. Children and people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to the harmful effects of molds. There’s a lot of controversy regarding molds ability to cause neurological damage. Some members of the medical community believe this to be the case and so do not. Mold can also  impact the structure of a building as well as the contents.

How Home Mold Testing Can Restore Your Sanity as a Parent

If you suspect mold growth in your house, as a parent, it might be an unnerving  experience. We recommend a thorough indoor air quality assessment test. Our team of professionals will be able to determine if your home has been impacted and, if so, the exact cause and what to do about it. . Our detailed home mold testing services include collection of samples from various parts of the house for laboratory analysis. A comprehensive report will be presented to you by one of our certified mold specialists. The most effective remediation plan is determined in order to get rid of every trace of mold from your home.

The importance of home mold testing should not be underestimated. Living in a mold-free environment will certainly ensure that your family is living in a safe and healthy home all year around.